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Home again


So, this is what work's like.

I'm not really enjoying it, I miss my three squares of Spongebob with Skippy. But I guess it can't be helped. I spent most of the week in Indy, where it was freezing and was in the office until seven or eight each night. I'm scheduled out until April and will have to remember what being really busy was like. One difference, no Blackberry. I'm practically incommunicado. That's not to say I couldn't have a Blackberry if I wanted one, I don't want to have to pay for anything work-related, and right now, the data plan is more than my cell phone allowance.

So I'm not doing it.

Other than that, it's work. I need to work.

I just got home and have to finish work, so I'm outta here, but I'll be back.


Oh boy oh boy


Now that I've killed off what itty bitty traffic this blog used to get, I'd like to remind the two of you that I will be returning to work tomorrow. For the same company I used to work for, like nothing had ever happened. In an Emily Littela moment, a "never mind" drifted through the Intartubes and found its way into my email. So I'm back in harness and just in time too.

Cabin fever is setting in big time. Last week we had two down with the flu, and a snow day, the week before, one with the flu, one with an ear infection, two snow days, one absent wife. This week, I'm gone, one with the flu. If I don't leave, I will get the flu and all hell will break loose.

On the other hand, I am not ready to go back to work. I don't have any of my stuff any more. My corporate card, laptop, mobile email, expense account, even my briefcase are all gone. I will feel naked. Plus, I'll have to shower and dress every morning and I'm out of practice.

A couple of good things came out of this though, I did throw away a huge amount of crap, shredded a mess of stuff that I should have shredded years ago, and actually bought a full tank of gas for the volvo. Which I then got stuck in the mud at the recycling center.

That was a hoot. I finally did the "dump run". All the garbage that was accumulating in our garage since the great flood is now gone. I did one trip to the transfer station with trash and one trip to the recycling center for junk. And man, did we have a lot of junk.

I dismantled the old reliable blogging PC, parts will live on, but the Pentium 2 motherboard and case are history. I took the high and low pulley contraption off of my power rack, they were broken and took up too much room, plus because of my back I can't do rows any more, and pull-ups and chin-ups are better than pull-downs any way. That went to the dump along with seven plastic five gallon buckets (I saved one) and a whole pile of metal shelving brackets that were too small to put up. Tons of broken plastic outdoor toys. Three tons of carpet, old, wet pressure treated wood, and an entire box of Cat5 cable. Gone.

I threw away all but one Windows 98 disk, held on to one of each kind of cable, except usb to mini-usb and ipod cable, I still need those. And by next weekend I hope to have weeded my way through all of the old CDs I have and will keep only the ones that I need, like the music CDs and picture backups.

I had to let the Prince drive the volvo when I had to push it out of the mud, he was so excited. There I was, kneeling in the mud and ice, while he sat behind the wheel, one mistake away from killing me outright. It was fun. I enjoyed it. Thank God he can tell the difference between "R" ad "D".

So things are looking up, even if I did promise to take the boys to Chuck-e-Cheese when I got a new job, and now I have to take them to Chuck-e-Cheese. It's all good.


Right. It is. Back in the saddle, maddad. Get the taxes done, get back to work, get brakes and tires on the car, and take a vacation with the wife, everything will be just fine.


Well, here goes...


I will be inserted back in to the matrix next tuesday. I feel like I didn't take advantage of the time I had when I had it. I just can't do that. I am the sole provider for five other people. If you take away my job, I will spend most of my awake time looking for a new one, or at least worrying about finding a new one. So that's what I did. Now that I have a new one, there's no time to relax. Everyone has had the flu, it's too cold to go outside, maddmom has been out of town and I've just been too worked up to enjoy myself.

I just don't understand why I'm not super happy, or at least relieved. Is it because I'm working without a net? Is it the flu? Is it seasonal affective disorder (otherwise known as February) or is it just one of my down periods.

If it's just a down phase it had better clear up and fast, I don't have time for it.

Maddmom and I are going to try and take a vacation this spring, it'll be the first time we have taken a vacation alone together in twelve years. It is desperately needed. I am worried that this feeling of uncertainty and dread will follow me on what should be a fun, relaxing time.

I can't shake it, I've been working the last week like I didn't have a job and I need to quit it, but something ain't right.



I've got one week from today before I start my new (old) job. I have a hell of a lot to do before I go back, decisions to make, etc. My office is now 99% finished, the rest of the basement is fixed up from the flood and the bank that has our line of credit just sent us a letter to infom us that our house is now worth less than we paid for it, so we can't borrow against our line of credit anymore. OK, we won't, we've been done with our remodel for a year. I am suprised that our homeowners premium went up so high when our house is worth so little, but it won't be for long. For years we've had all of our insurance and banking ith the same company, they'd always been fair, and it was convienient. Now, not so. So so long old friend.

The new Toshiba Laptop is great, really cool. Except for the keyboard. I hate the keyboard. I'm not one of those guys who continually futzes with the particulars of my electronics to "personalize" them. I want to turn them on and use them, with a minmum of fuss. But it looks like I will have to mess with the keyboard confguraton. I don't type well, or fast, but this key board is set to be slower than I am, so i'm always typing a space or two ahead unless I'm typing a big word that I can't spell, like "friend". What happens is I miss spaces. That is, I forget to hit the space bar hard enough for it to make a space.

Now, my old space bar was broken, one of the boys had pried it away from it's mooring, so it was very sensitive, if I put my thumb on it, there was a chance I'd get a row of spaces a mile long. I had learned to deal with this by just barely brushing my thumb on the top of the bar, it worked and even better, it also worked on my old work laptop. Now I have to hammer the hell out of this space bar to make a space, and hold it down for half an hour before I can get a row of spaces going. I guess 'll have to go into the sensetivity menu and fix it. bleh.

Anyway, I'm on the rad each of the next three weeks, payback for time spent sitting at home wondering if I'd ever be able to feed my family after the money ran out (the same company that let me go rehired me) so I'll be hit or miss on the intertubes for a while. Also, no email on the blackberry, so no remote posts from various and sundry locations. I've got something cooking, so I'm keeping my expenses down.

Unbuntu works on this here giant laptop, but the Elive installer won't see the ext3 partitions I built, I will probaly go to Kunbuntu to get rid of Gnome. I'm still using linux under VMWare. It's cheating, but I get to let windows handle wireless that way, unbuntu thinks its connected on the lan. Sneaky and cheating, but what the hell. I'll get around to it eventually, I'm hoping within a month or two I have some good news.

Early start


Yep, now that I'm employed again I thought I'd get back on the stick...not. I'm up because the kids had to go back to school. Two of them, anyway. The other two are sick as dogs. Sick dogs as a matter of fact. Really sick dogs. So they get a full day of lying on the couch, drinking juice and the Tylenol/Motrin cocktail and watching cartoons.

I've got the new laptop and already have Unbuntu running in VMware. I'm at some point going to shrink the Vista partition and dual boot, but it looks like I might have to wait for that. I couldn't get Debian to boot in a VM session for some reason, but it could just be a bad iso, it's pretty old.

The great flood of 2007 is officialy repaired, the carpet went in yesterday, we will get the new couch today, and everything that came out of the basement goes back in today. Well, not everything, I'm chucking a lot of stuff that I don't need anymore. The old blogging PC will get imaged to the Mybook, docs and pictures backed up to DVD, and after 11 yars, it will be put out to pasture, unless someone out there wants a Gateway box from the turn of the century with 256 meg of memory, an evergreen Pentium II processer upgrade (400 megahertz!) and a 4 meg video card. It does have an awesome sound system, it got a Soundblaster with 5.1 surround and a Boston Acoustic speaker setup. That was the heyday of Napster after all.
I'm going to keep the speakers, the wireless card, the DVD drive and the four 12 gig HD's. I think I might put them in an enclosure and use them to back up pictures. Or I just might throw them out, dunno. The waterlogged laptops are off to the recycling center with the extra carpet. I'm simplifying.

That's the new name of the game. The new job will be a lot more home office work and less travel. Eventually less travel anyway, it'll start out with massive travel. But I'll need more than just a folding table and some cheapo filing cabinets. I'm also putting my home gym back in my office where it belongs. There will be room in there, since the old blogging computer armoire is now holding the kid's TV.

I'm also, get ready for this, considering not turning my Blackberry back on. since I'm going to be working differently, I think I'll just get a really good phone. I'll be in front of my calendar most days and won't need to carry it with me. We'll see...

...unless something happens, and it might...I'm just saying.

For the next week,anyway the pressure is off. I'm no longer spending every waking moment looking for a new job, networking, and stressing out like a mofo. I am going to relax for a bit. But I feel a little off, like I settled, lik I just took the first job offered and I should have held of.

That's not a good feeling, it's the same feeling you get two weeks after you buy a new car and the Consumer Reports car-buying guide shows up in the mail. Knowwhatimsayin'?

But anyway, if the last six weeks have taught me anything it's this - Vista sucks. Open Office opens significantly faster under Linux (Unbuntu with a Gnome desktop) in VMWare than in Vista Home Premium. Thunderbird still sucks as a mail client, IE7 and Media Player 11 are terrible, even if I do like the built in uPnP server in MP11.

And I can go six weeks without looking at 99.7% of the sites in my old Favorites list.




Listen to Beru Revue - I Got A Job

Nope, not today.



He said, thoughtfully.

Friday night at the McMahonsion


The Beast: What happens when you put apple juice in water?

maddad: Nothing.

The Beast: Does it turn into poison?

maddad: No.

The Beast: What does it do?

maddad: I don't know. It makes watered down apple juice, I think.

The Beast: ...oh...

maddad: Yeah, nothing bad.

The Beast: Do cats drink it?

maddad: No.

The Beast: Mom! The cat needs water!

Smilin' Through


Like Ambrose Bierce in Mexico.

I'm spending a lot of my emotional reserves right now, so if in a couple of weeks you hear about some dude in Indiana who stripped naked and ran through Wal-Mart smeared in feces and McDonald's job application/placemats, please be kind.

It's not that I would mind being laughed at for the streaking, it's the taser to the nuts that isn't funny. Seriously.

Today is the Prince's 13th birthday. Mazel Tov! I'm in total denial. I cannot believe that I have been a Dad for 13 years. Crazy. Maddmom and I are taking him out to dinner tonight. A "fancy" resteraunt, a Japanese steakhouse. I can't wait. Of course, I'm not super looking forward to living with a teenager, but I guess it can't be helped. Not without a tasering, anyway.

Don't want to be tasered, bro.

I will say this, after this mess is over, I am going to vent. There are few things that I can't stand, being late is one of them. Telling me you are going to do something and not following through is another, bald-faced lying is a third. you do all three and I might throw a fit.

I'm not allowed to throw that fit yet, but I will be someday. When that happens I will heap upon them scorn and derision of the type I usually reserve for politicians, newspeople, the Dallas Cowboys, the Yankees, Patriots, Red Sox, accountants, psychologists, celebrities, pundits, Oprah, Dane Cook, Billy Joel, people who make a full stop before a right turn, people who don't turn left on red at a one way street, anyone from New Jersey who tells people they are from New York, anyone who describes themselves as "America's" anything, Kenny Chesney, The French, and dipshits who wear cowboy boot through airport security.

It'll be fun.

Oh, by the way, I got my new laptop. Vista Sucks.


Suck it, Massholes.



Stolen, from Kissing Suzy Kolber. Go there, this is important.

Some excitement


I'm all aflutter. I've ordered a new laptop, and it's on its way. Plus, the basement is being professionally repaired right now.

The new laptop (it's really a desktop replacement, it's HUGE for a laptop.) has enough power to run my test environments in VMware, so I can get rid of my wired network.

I'm getting a new laser printer too to replace the one trashed in the flood, and a wireless print server to replace the old JetDirect that I had. How cool.

Now all I need is a job.