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Lazy me. Updating this thing every day is getting harder and harder. I'm just too busy lately. And since I can't post from my phone any more I've been slacking off. I can, however update Twitter from just 'bout anywhere, so I've put my Twitter in the sidebar. So, there you go. You can check it out here or over on my Twitter page. Hell, add me as a freind, you'll be the first.



No, seriously.

On picture 5 you can clearly see a vermicious knid.

No Weemens please!

Someday, though, let 'em get married, OK?

In other news...Terrorist groups don't like the US-Iraq security deal.

And of course, Stonhenge was used for centuries Until it got stepped on by a dwarf.

Oh what the hell, it's Friday....

ADD can be a wonderful thing...

Madison to Madison


Hey Hay! I'm in Wisconsin.

It's dark.

Ba-dump, dump.

Seriously, I'm here all week, have the cheese.

Oh yeah.


Car Lust--BMW 635CSi

Honestly, If I won the lottey today, I'd buy this one and four other cars and have them restored to like-new.

A 1990 white Grand Wagoneer.

A 1993 Volvo 240 Classic Wagon. (This could be te best car ever made.)

A 1988 or '89 Mistubishi Starion or Crysler Conquest TSi.

A 1967 Triumph TR5/TR250.

Maybe the new daily driver, a V70 T5 R. I have the T5 wagon and I luuuuurve it, but I'm getting older now and the eye begins to wander...

But that 635, c'mon... sweeeeet. And classy. Maybe in "Moonlighting" Silver and gray or all Diamond Black with camel leather.


Updates and add-ons


I changed the color of hyperlinks and the hover color because certain people were missing out. So now you can see the hyperlinks better. They are the words that aren't black.

Also, this morning I attempted to post video using the built-in blogger video, it's The Beast's birthday after all, and we had cake. And I want to be able to post here instead of YouTube.

As you can see, no dice.

I'm going in to the office in Indy tomorrow, so I may not post. But if I do, expect something spectacular. Strike that, expect nothing.

I am thinking that I might go all out and build an Unbuntu install on this laptop. I've been keeping a VM up on one monitor and Vista on the other, and I might just shrink the partition and do it. Because I can. But I need to find all my system restore media first. And the time.

I really love my laptop. Except for the "no fax rule" in Vista Premium. what an asshole move.

Too Much Information


Tomorrow is the Beast's Birthday:

This is a picture from his last birthday, because my old camera does not have Vista drivers. He's 7 now. I miss my old camera. Way to go BEAST!

Skippy here, graduated from pre-school. Well, stopped going, anyhow. This picture is from September, again, the camera thing. The fan behind him was because our air conditioner was broken. We got it fixed a month ago.

Nice job SKIPPY!

The Prince doesn't get a picture, because he's thirteen. He did however just beat his time in the 100m breast stroke by 3 whole seconds. My guess is that he'll be stroking breasts at the speed of sound in a couple of years.

No pictures for Dangeresque AKA Number Two (doesn't like to be called Number Two any more for some reason) either, but today he got his braces off. No grill for the man, he's looking good. Way to go Dangeresque!

So I got to get a camera, and a printer, I'm working on it.

With all of this going on you might think nothing is up with maddad. Maddmom is busier than a noun in a noun verb contest, but maddad can't even be bothered to post. What's up? Are the drugs taking hold? Are you, you know, working? Like all the time?

Short answer, yes. But I have reached a turning point in my life. This past Sunday, while performing some routine manscaping, I found IT. The gray pube.

I am now officially an old dude. To be mocked in locker rooms and massage parlors around the country.

On the other hand I now know exactly who it is that buys "Just for Men" Hair coloring.

Nothing to say...Wot?


Oh my God


Ed Driscoll.com Go and see what the fuss is about.

Don't get lost in London


Woman found after 42 years

What was that?


SO I got questions about the movie I posted a couple of days ago.

Thanks to my newfound drug-induced work ethic I don't have all that much time to blog any more, so I've been slacking. Worse than usual anyway.

I realize if I'm going to keep this up I'm going to have to change the way I've been doing this. I used to be able to tap away whenever something hit me as blog-worthy. I could keep a draft open all day and rant to my hearts delight, but no more. For two reasons, the first being that I no longer have email on my phone, the second is that since February I've had a new job. A different job than I am used to, and so I have a pretty sharp learning curve. So I'm generally on the phone all day, if I'm not on the phone, I'm travelling and by the time I get done, I'm exhausted and don't want to look at a computer until I have to. So surfing the web is kinda right out.

In fact, I've noticed that my bookmarks have dwindled to the point where I really only visit 3 sites any more. So my links are somewhat lacking. But the other day I was waiting on a download and I found the Internet Archive. It's extremely cool.

Anyway, I was surfing around and found "The Town" Part of Frank Capra's Why We Fight series of movies produced by the War Department and shown to every person inducted into the armed services during WWII.

I had heard of it, but I had never seen it. It's something that would never happen today, because there is no such thing as a common purpose today. Which is good in some ways and bad in others. But whatever, I live there, it's a nice place.

Working from home


Maddad: working working working


maddad: 'lo this is maddad, I'm working

Phone: Hello maddad, this is Work Guy. I'd like to talk about Work and do Work things.

maddad: Sure, let's work. Bur my headset is broken, so I can't mute you.

Phone: work work work

maddad: work work

Phone: work work work work and let me conference in some other people to work

maddad: OK, work work

Phone: work work work work

Skippy: Dad!

Phone: (crowd) work work

maddad: work...shhh, I'm on the phone...

Phone: 'scuse us? work work

maadad: nothing, sorry. work wo..

Skippy: DAAAAD!

Phone: work really important wo...


maddad: hold on Phone, What?

Skippy: If you need me, I'll be going pee.

Hey, This place looks awfully familiar


Nothing has changed. Really.

Someone out there needs this.

Meet the new bus


Same as the old bus.

Or close, anyway.

I got a virus on my di(s)k


(D)VD Outbreak in Iraq.

Put me in mind of this:

I got a virus on my di(s)k

(D)VD Outbreak in Iraq.

Put me in mind of this:

I want this


Poulsen Hybrid car conversion kit

My cheap-ass self wants to do this, why? Because it's so jerry rigged. Look at that. How awesomely DIY.

Plus, when the bottom drops out of the gas market, I can take it off.

You know what's really cool? Windows98 Plus! themes work on vista. Sounds and all. I had a old 980 meg harddrive in my old blogging PC, and when I backed it up to my new laptop, I found the Plus! directory. I have all of the entertainment pack games on here too. It was all I could do to not play Ski Free all day today. Thank God for the meds.

I've got massive amounts of paperwork to do tomorrow, and today was one crisis after another, so this is all you get. I'm going to play Dr BlackJack.


Posting from the warm confines of maddmom's computer. Haven't been here in a while. Feels funny. I've also logged in to Blogger for the first time in what feels like a year. I usually post via e-mail, because I like typing in Thunderbird or Outlook better than in this editor, I don't know why. Anyway, there's all sorts of cool new things they've dropped into Blogger, maybe I'll try some out.

It's election day here in Indiana and I celebrated by working and never leaving the basement. The weather has been beautiful, but I'm catching up from my enforced absence and can't go outside. I also haven't done any working out, I just came back from the beach and all the guys that were my age were fat and out of shape, so I win. I can now get fat and out of shape and not feel bad.


But I'll put it off until my back starts to hurt and I have to work it out.

That's how maddad rolls.

The McMahonsion is looking pretty good, my lawn is coming back, the garden looks OK and the lilac is in bloom. So the place smells like a French whorehouse outside and a French toilet inside. Skippy and the Beast have decided not to aim any more. It's kind of yucky.

Spring is full on us, maddmom had a birthday and everything looks great, I'll have to get some pictures up. School will be out in a couple of weeks and I'll have to start travelling for work again. It's funny that the boss starts yammering about wanting people to make an effort to be in the office only when gas hits an all-time high. The way I see it, if I don't drive, your gas is cheaper.

If you can't tell, I really have nothing to say, and very little time to say it. I think I'll be changing this place around a little to reflect that. Back to the old one-line post with hyperlink? Maybe. Who knows.

The Prince has fallen in love with VH1 Classic. That's OK on Metal night, but for some sick reason he likes Billy Joel, which is a great dissapointment to me, I never thought I'd have a gay son. Comes from his mother's family, that does.

Welcome Back!


And what the hell?

True? Doesn't matter.

When I worked in Camden, NJ the mayor was found to be "living in sin" with a fourteen year old girl. When it was in the newspaper I remember telling my boss that there as no way "our guy" would get elected now. His reply? "This is Camden, it won't hurt him."

And it didn't.

I got a new job soon after.

Welcome to Camden, dear readers, Welcome to Camden.