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Just in case you didn't believe me...


Here's some kids I found, causing trouble with the Rebels.
Notice the T-shirt on the wise-achre on the right. There's a reason we call him "Dangeresque.
This is one of those pictures that shows just how much genetic infuence I had on my kids, virtually none. Like the virgin birth, I swear.
I thought this picture was better, but you can see the Prince at one end and maddmom at the other being put through close order by a Confederate sergeant Not really much different than dinner time at the McMahonsion.
I bet you thought I was kidding about the berry picking. I wasn't. I'm the freakin' Terrell Owens of berry picking, the Muhammed Ali. The King baby! GOD!
This is only a portion of the berries we got, maddmom, the Beast and I scored big.

The results, maddmom made jam. Awesome jam.
These two liked it.
Yummers. Blackberries go for about $4 a pint, we've got four pints in the fridge, gave some away and maddmom made ten pints of jam. There's more to be had and as soon as I heal up.

These things grow on thornbushes you know. Ow.

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Back on line


But I'm off to go berry picking. Yes really. Berry. Picking.

Picking berries. Like a mofo. Watch out. You can't handle this berry picking man! No way, just go on home to yo mamma. Uh-huh. I'm the berry pickingest.

Did I mention the little bastards are free? They just like, grow. All over.

Organic, free berries.

I'ma gonna sell them to suckers in the city.

George Carlin Dead at Age 71


End of an Era

Favorite punchline?

Is it the beginning of an egg, or the end of a chicken?

skeeter bit


You know that urban legend where the guy goes to sleep and wakes up the next morning in a tub of ice missing a kidney?

It's kinda like that, except with mosquito bites.

Oh yeah, I saw my first honest-to-God Civil War reenactment yesterday. Although almost Ren-Faire like in its earnestness; there were no fake British accents, no one said "Wench, fetch me some mead.", there were very few fat tatoo-laden chicks with their tits pushed up to their throats and I didn't have to punch anyone in the face for attempted juggling/miming/saying, "forsooth, thou art dressed strangely sir."

So aside from the obvious, drama-club weirdness, most of these guys are serious history buffs, and most of them have a particular area of speciality. One guy could be an expert on machine made textiles used in Union shirts after 1864 and anothr guy could know all about the care and feeding of the mules used to haul Confederate Army Mountain Howitzers. And they take it really seriously, really. An interesting day.

With explosions. Lots of explosions. And guns, did I mention the variety of weapons? I got to hold an original Springfeild repeater and a replica carriage gun. Watched a guy fire a Walker revolver with an 80 grain charge. And cannons! Lots of cannons. Ka-boom! Made up for all the weirdness.

I got some pictures of the kids, I'll post them maybe tomorrow. But I'll be super busy last week of the quarter, so don't count on it.

And be advised, the Madison Regatta is coming up. I'm going this year, for the first time, we usually go on vacation during the race. I will report.

Another one?


Where was this in 2004?

Happy Birthday Endo

Endo the Bicycleman is 33, like Jesus. Or Barack Obama, who would be 33 if whitey wasn't keeping him on the plantation. Seriously, white folk suck.



I'm sick. I god a stubbed ub node and a sore throat. I couldn't breathe to sleep last night so I was up every hour or two. I'm miserable. Dangeresque has a ball game tonight and I'm missing it, they won last week. I hve to work tomorrow and it's time to pick the balckberries, register my car, get a haircut and maybe, if I'm rrrrrreeeeeaaaaaly lucky, shower.

I'll be on the road most, if not all of next week, dropped in front of upset people like a three days dead salmon in front of my own stupid, stupid dog. My advanced degree in getting yelled at as a child has really paid off lately. I have also reverted to describing everyone I see as "cocksucker". You know, someone asks, "Where you headed maddad?" I say, "To get paid by the cocksucking asshole who's spent all day screwing your mother, cocksucker. What are you, from Boston? With lips like that you should be, I could make bank on you, bitch." Like I said, I'm in a great mood.

It's time for vacation, but I just took one, and it's time for a new job but I just got one and any new job I'd take, I'd have to drive to, so I'm keeping this one.

Nothing's funny and I haven't been able to work out since Sunday, thanks to work, booze and now some kind of horrible ebola type asian death flu so my back feels like shit. I missed the two most beautiful days this summer sitting inside and I can't seem to get enough coffee.

And why the hell am I talking to the two of you, anyway?

Cocksucking analytics.

Tigaaaaaa! Tiiiiiigaaaaaa!


I spent the first half of this week in Indianapolis with a bunch of golf freaks from Boston. So Monday we attempted to melt the ESPN servers by streaming every minute of the US Open playoff to every manner of device. Phones, every desktop in the office and a laptop hooked up to an HD LCD projector were pressed into service. Conference calls were interrupted by cheers and shouts of WICKED! TIGAAAAAA'S WINNIN'! TIGAAA's LOSIN' NOW! HOW'S TIGAAA DOIN'? Needless to say, Monday was a waste. Tuesday was all business until 9, when we all had to go out to Tchotski's and watch the Celtics beat the shit out of the Washington Generals and on the small screen the Bosox beat the Phils in interleague play.

Thank God for the New York Football Giants.

And as a PS to the fucking New Englandaas, Kevin Garnett embarassed himself. Be a man, ya pansy. You can cry when you win one of two things, Powerball and the World Series. And then only if your Dad dies during game two or they publish your picture and your second wife figures out you're not really dead. To blubber away like some sort of teenaged girl who just got a pony...well, you're the one who's going to have to show it to your kids.

God I hate Boston. It's like Canada, only closer.

Skippy finds maddad's myspace angle


Three years old. But now I can't take color pictures any more. I have no idea what he did to my camera.

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Thought better of it.

S'OK. You didn't miss anything.

All done


Exhausted, tired, spent. Didn't do nothing, either. Studied fr a test. The last test I took was a driver's test five years ago in Kentucky. I passed. Because I could read. tomorrow, who knows, If I don't pass I'll take it again in two weeks.

Spent 15 minutes today watching a clip about David Byrne's new project. Seems to be kind of neat, an old pump organ rigged to bear on the pipes and girders of an old building in Manhattan. You know, something you would see in a medium-sized city Children's museum. And I was cool with it. Until I started listening to the people talk. "You don't have to be a musician to play this, it's Democratizing the experience of music." Fuck you. Music is democratic by nature, I can make musical farts if I want. Musicians, professional musicians are no better and have no more social status than the rest of us, Except that when a musician dresses like the semi retarded janitor at the bus station, it's a "look", and when we do it it's because, well we're semi-retarded. We were supposed to be all excited because this was an "installation" and it was "art". Bullshit, it's a "toy" and a "commercial enterprise".

I have lost patience with all pretension. I simply won't take it any more. Call me Phillistinedad.

'Bush Lied'? If Only It Were That Simple.


Sure, now you just have to correct the press record and change popular mythology.


Bad mood today, watch out.


Everything is pissing me off. I gotta mow between lightning strikes and work out too. I put twitter on my sidebar and found out that now blogger's got a plug in for it. I have to take two certification exams next week. I haven't recieved my car allowance in two months. My payroll is all screwed up because of my "vacation" earlier in the year. I'm not as busy as I should be and too busy to knock down the backlog of non-essentials. Everything is taking longer than it should, or the clock has started going faster.

On the other hand, maddmom's dad sold his house. Two days on the market. In "this" economy. And the company I work for is doing some serious hiring, so if you know a young, wildly energetic tech geek in the midwest who might want out from behind the desk, leave me a comment. Or email me at terrencemc2001 at yahoo et cetera.

Enough, must mow. Grunt. Flex. Strain.

Too late now


Forgot to post what I wanted to post and now I have to get the boys to baseball.

On the other hand, I am down to 185, so back to where I was pre-surgery. Woot! All of the upper body lifts are at or over pre-surgery levels, and pull-ups are WAY over. But backsquats and lunges are still light and likely to remain so forever, so I'm doing a lot of bodyweight hamstring work.

I think I'll probably sweat out another six pounds of water before the ball game's over. So yay me.

Christ, I think I'm turning into a woman.

No, strike that. If I was a woman with four kids I wouldn't care.

I'm leaving that in even though it'll get me in trouble.



First the strawberries.


They've come in big this year. Very few birds. I think because of a great big pterodactyl type bird living in a tree overlooking the Mcmahonsion. The other day I saw it swoop down and get a smaller bird that was eating ants. BLAMMO! Discovery Channel style. It was extremely cool. Louder than you would think, sounded like a sack of wet cement dropped off the roof of a car. Feathers were there for a while, but the damn almost tornadoes we've been having for the past couple have washed them away.

Yay biblical weather.
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Testing this out


This may be 5 months old, but it's the best quality video I have, and I'm not going out of my way to get more until I'm sure this works. So here you go.

Look Out!


Blue Beary and Monkey are watching you eat.

PS, got my old camera to work with the new computer.
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