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Happy Thanksgiving!


Inflation-adjusted U.S. house prices 1975-2008

Suck it Facebook!


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I'm not on Facebook

It's not me. Don't add me as a friend.

I can see why people would want to be me...I'm rich...successful...handsome...suave...well hung...and totally full of shit.

But not so full of shit that I would go on Facebook.

Blogging full of shit. I may be narcissistic enough to vomit this crap across the ether, but not enough to think that people I haven't seen in a million years give a shit if I have a dog.

Which I do...let me show you some super cute picture......aaaaaaaaargh!

OK, maybe the blogging thing is worse, but I'm still not on Facebook.

Pentagon Hit by Unprecedented Cyber Attack


Daleks, has to be.

Answer to a question asked elswhere, if asked at all.


Look, the only reason I'm a Republican is the pro-life stance of the party. I no longer believe that the party has the support of small or large business. I reject the strategy of digging for the Latino vote (ostensibly because the pro-life leanings of the mostly Catholic Latino population makes that particular group an easier fit with the "Republican base") instead of forcefully rejecting amnesty. And among other things, stabbing your Presidential nominee in the back by voting to reject the financial rescue plan, (Like it or not, it was a necessity. All the Republicans in Congress did was kill any chance McCain had while at the same time turning a stuttering community organizer into a statesman.) shows a fundamental disconnect with the very people Republicans are supposed to represent and a complete lack of any strategic political thinking.

Lower taxes only work if spending is cut. You can only cut spending if there is a generally optimistic economic outlook in your town, city, state or country. Otherwise, you are losing elections. If the economic outlook is bleak, the only way you get in office is to bring home the pork. That's the game Republicans have been playing instead of fixing the underlying problems...corruption, inflation, and a generalized lack of confidence in US foreign and monetary policy. All the God talk and country music in the world won't cover that up.

The "new media" types on the right didn't help much either. You can't openly root for defeat on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays and blindly cheer lead for anyone with an American flag pin on their lapel Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays - with Sunday off to post bad SNL outtakes and pictures of your cats - and expect anyone to take you seriously. These are the people who insist that they are the leading lights of the movement - the intellectual elites, but they can't articulate one single message, outside of the war, that would pull up the flaps of the "big tent". It's also more than a little jarring to see a group of people who are supposed to be all about competition and the little guy to attempt to corner the market through sweetheart deals and sponsored links driven by what seems to be personal pique. But the righty blogosphere is the conservative movement reflected in a teacup, isn't it?

The talk radio guys who play to the old men cruising around in their Buicks at 20 mph from 10 to 2 every day are quickly becoming parodies of themselves, touting "personal responsibility" and ranting against "bailouts" in between commercials for get-rich quick schemes, herbal enema cures and services to help you stick your creditors with 80% of your credit card bills. But who's energized by this election? The old-media. Why? Because they don't have to worry about being "cool".

By "cool" I don't mean "Fonzie cool" or "hey, I like watching 'Entourage' too" cool. By "cool" I mean attempting to project the perception that that the ideals one will espouse in a column/website/comedic stylings are insincere. That one is taking these positions only in order to gather a market share and deep down inside, he is, by virtue of his native intelligence and education, actually more in agreement with the political and economic positions of the erstwhile opposition...in other words...a "moderate".

And that's all a "moderate" is, the Willy Loman of politics. That's where the Republican "intelligentsia" are, and that's where they'll stay as long as they really, really want to go to the cool parties.

Me? I'm done with it all. I don't care anymore, either way. I'm not a Republican or a Democrat, Libertarian, Green Party asshole or any other capital letter bullshit any more. I'm a maddaddian. Show me the money motherfuckers, and you got my vote. Stay out of my business and my brain and let me do what I want and think what I please. If I agree with you, maybe we can do business, unless the other guy gives me a better deal. My mind can be changed...for a price.

It's Hard Out Here For a Shrimp


This is hysterical. Okay.

Does Your Boss Have to Pay You While Vista Boots Up?

It depends. How's that for an answer? In my experience, call center don't need to have full-on workstations unless the techs are doing some kind of development work. VMware or Citrix on dumb terminals would be better. And Vista? What for Vista?

Anyway, for a while there when I was working as an IT guy I had a Dell XP laptop that took a good 15 minutes to boot. I never figured out why. I checked everything, disabled all the management tools, shavlik and SMS, stopped the vpn drivers from loading on boot and basically turned everything but anti-virus off. I used to manually clean out all my cookies and temp files before a shut down (it was a work computer after all) and I stopped mapping any network drives. It didn't matter if the damn thing was logging into the AD domain or not. Slower than dirt to boot. I even went so far as to suspend it, instaed of shutting it down, which is often a good deal slower to re-start than just turning the sucker off, and even leaving it locked and turned on at my desk, but management frowned. I called our desktop support guys, who gave me the phone number for Dell support, who told me that, "high powered workstations often take longer to boot, especially if they are being used for administration". I shit you not.

So I never did get the slow boot fixed. I left that laptop sitting on my desk when I left for a new job, and the last time I was in my old cube visiting friends, that laptop was still sitting there. Alone and unloved. Deservedly so.

Creative Genius



I'm burnt out. Fried. My brain has been juiced. I'm done.

It's Monday.

Last week maddmom had to take our cat to the vet to be put down. Brett couldn't get up and down the stairs without a lot of pain and she couldn't get all of the way into the litter box. She had spent the last couple of weeks sitting on her cat bed or the heat register and when I left she looked like she was going down hill. So when maddmom found all of the cat pee on the floor next to the box, it was time.

We had Brett for eighteen years. She wasn't a friendly cat, she didn't like people at all. She would hiss and growl at you, and she spent most of her days hiding from the kids. When she was younger she could be downright vicious, but as she got older she mellowed, and by the time Skippy came around she had learned to accept her fate - if caught, she was going to get pulled, pushed, squoze and prodded. She spent the last fourteen years defending our bed from the hideous dog invasion, cracking the doofus on the head when he would get too close, but a couple of months ago she stopped sleeping with us and she moved to the table by the front window, then to her chair. That's where she stayed.

To be honest, it didn't really bother me that it was time to put her down. She was very old. And, like I said, not very nice. But she was my cat, and last night when I was making the kid's lunches, the only one begging for lunch meat was the dog. It was kind of sad. Eight years of watching the cat and dog fight to the death over scraps of Genoa Salami, over.

I got choked up.



CNBC in the morning.

If Rep. Cummings really knows people who live on his block who make less than 24k per year and have already lost their jobs it's time for the man to move.

I'm just saying. Unless, of course, he's fibbing. But that wouldn't happen.

UPDATE: So it's OK to bail out GM, who spend millions on marketing and TV and its dealer network, but not AIG, who has to convince independent agents to continue to sell its products, because AIG holds a marketing event?

So,when you translate Obama into


German, is it pronounced Sieg Heil?

I guess "Freedom of Speech" only counts one way.

How's it feel bitches?


Now it's going to be all your fault.


Oh this is going to be fun.

Last Day of Indian Summer


I've spent all week inside a datacenter. Like being in a cocoon.
Tomorrow I will emerge a beautiful...


To freeze in the snow.

Then I'm flying home for the weekend and back on the road Monday.
Kids have to eat. Gotta pay for cable. Wilma wants a mink coat and
steak dinner.

Vaugely work-related post.


E-mail error ends up on road sign