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5 years in...


I've been blogging here for 5 years. At first it was supposed to be an outlet for whatever creative juice I had left after college, work, kids and marriage were finished with me. That never really panned out. Then it morphed into a way to beat the email filter at work. Really just a way for me to say the things that I, as the email guy, knew would get flagged by the filter.

Then came global warming hysteria, the 2004 election, and the Prince's first Little League championship. That turned this into more of a collection of links and rants.

And that's where we are today. Less links than rants, and to be honest this year I've kinda run out of steam. It's been a long year and I've been traveling quite a bit. When I haven't been traveling I've been swamped and by the time I actually start typing I've completely forgotten what it was that I wanted to write anyway.

Sorry for the year's worth of lame posts.

On the other hand...I've been blogging for five years. In that five years I have had exactly seven comments left on my blog.

Seven. That's more than one per year, settle down people!

I only get between twenty and forty unique visitors here every week. Sad, but true. Half are Google searches for A summary of Kingsley Amis' "The Old Devils" with a review. So far that's my most popular post and will be forever now that I googled it again and left it open for about twenty minutes while I messed with getting the link right. Screw my analytics. Most of the rest are searches for something or another, but there's only really like five or so regular hits a week. Most, if not all are from people related to me.

By the way, that post is two years old. In the two years since I've had two-count 'em-two trackbacks.

I know I'm boring, and I know that I don't have a blogroll, but seriously...two?

Back in the day I was a pretty active on the web. I traded emails with a lot of the "big names" and was a regular commentator and even a contributor on a couple of well-read blogs. None of that has ever translated to traffic here.

I've scaled back my browsing too. My bookmarks list is really short now. If I look at an old backup, I've got hundreds of sites in my IE favorites, now I've got maybe six that have nothing to do with work. It's kind of depressing to see. I can automatically discount three of those old sites because the owners have died, but my interest in the rest either just petered out or the blogger went off the rails somewhere.

There are three sites that aren't Slashdot, Drudge or Fark that I still check every day and have since I started reading them. I still drop comments on two sites, but nothing like I used to, and I'll probably scale back even that.

This place might go away, or I might change my posting schedule to once a week. Maybe then I can actually work up a good post.

Or maybe I'll just put up a huge blogroll, throw trackbacks around like a punk and start a blogfight with someone who actually gets some traffic. Who knows?

Watch this space...both of you.


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