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Chicago workers' sit-in becomes rallying point


One of the factory's workers, Silvia Mazon, said in Spanish that she needs the money owed to her for an $1,800 monthly house payment.


That's a $300,000 dollar house. With 20% down and no PMI. In Cicero. She could have bought an apartment building for that. If you don't believe me, check for yourself on Realtor.com. Neighborhood might not be all that, but she could get a pretty nice place for herself just a couple blocks from the BNSF.

Of course, it might have helped if she had learned English before signing the mortgage papers.

Totally shitty deal by the company, but the extreme financial idiocy of the workers, makes it really hard for me to feel that bad for them.

I guess they don't realize that the banks are having this problem because people like Ms. Mazon took out huge mortgages that there was no possible way they could repay? Of course, the banks gave out the mortgages...all by themselves...

Hell. I'm buying a farm and a lot of guns...I'm going to need to protect my family against the Plasma TV riots of 2012.


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