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I suppose a lesser man would crack...


..but not me. I can take it.

My office is in the basement. On the other side of the wall, right next to the door is an old TV. That TV is hooked up to a PS2. There are four seven-year-old boys and a four-year-old boy playing Guitar Hero on that PS2.

They are singing along.

At the top of their little lungs.

PS: "Shoot at the Devil"? They must have that one wrong. Unless I was as wasted when I first heard it as Nikki Sixx was when he wrote it.

PPS: Hmmmm, maybe. Where the hell is my iPod?

PPPS: WASP? No way... Oh, OK, Not WASP. Thank God. All I need is for the Beast to want to wear a flaming codpiece to First Communion.

PPPPS: I mean, c'mon. That's Prom wear. He'd look ridiculous that dressed up.


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