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Well that didn't work...


For some reason posting by email isn't working for me. So I'm posting by good old fashioned Blogger interface. At 2am Central time. Because I can't sleep.

There's nothing on TV and I have nothing to say. I mean, I have less to say than usual.

I guess I could go out on a limb and say that I will bet my paycheck that the Governor of Illinois was ratted out by the Obama mob.

Seriously. That guy had been an embarrassment for Obie for months, and he was obviously way too much of a loudmouth. But hey, I blame the hair. Anyone who that idiot put in office would be a drain on the new adminiatration for the next four years, cut off the infected limb. Plus, the guy's so dirty that no one will believe anything bad he says about Jesus Obama. This is a win-win for the new guys.

I will bet 3 to 1 that Blagagovitzenstein gets maybe 90 days in minimum security federal prison, gets out and gets a radio show, writes a couple of books and shows up on either Keith Olberman's show or Nancy Grace's every three days. His wife will end up on HSN hawking all natural magnetic healing bracelets...oh wait...that's me, sorry. Wrong daydream.


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