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26 More "true" facts about maddad


In the spirit of my five year anniversary, I'll be having my own little "Jubilee" here. So I'll be posting, more or less, about me. this is, after all, a blog, and one of the things bloggers are supposed to do is navel-gaze interminably. Also, my traffic is so low now, I guess I can play around with this thing without too much worry.

Those of you who weren't around back in the day when I had a full-on blogger profile in my sidebar, might want to know who this "maddad" guy is and why I post here as "maddad" and elsewhere as "Lost My Cookies". Who's "this guy" and why does he NEVER post? Why don't I have a blogroll or a "best of" section, why no trackbacks, and why don't I use all of those funky blog tricks that drive traffic? What's with all of the commas? What happened to pictures? You used to post pictures, why did you stop?

I spent the morning writing a post all about me and why I do the things I do, and then I realized that you actually don't care. So here, in no particular order, are the answers to twenty-six questions that I know you have about the mysterious and attractive maddad. So, go for it and don't get any on you.


b)Switched to Vista


d)A lame-ass ex-pat with bitched-up Brass Bands

e)I delete my cookies regularly and I have no memory for passwords

f)Is there an f? There is. Because, that's why.

g)A leather thong, rollerblades and a cape. You?

h)Fourteen and I ain't stopped yet! WHOO HOOO!

i)The blue, it matches your eyes.

j)the Running Strumpet, it'll change you.

k)elephants, the dirty motherfuckers.


m)Oh that...only once...well, because

n)usually Thursdays

o)I think you meant, "when" right?

p)No? You sick bastard.

q)Parallel parking. Fuck you, you can't make me do it.


s)Yes I do, thank you very much. And no, it won't happen again.

t)Never met him.

u)I mis-spoke.


w)Seventeen, didn't turn eighteen until second semester of freshman year.

x)I can't answer that in public

z)Ice cream, any kind.


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