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My printer is being held hostage. It broke in November. It was under warranty, but not in the "system" so I was told to bring it to a service center. I drove 60 miles to the service center and dropped it off, later that week, the guy at the service center told me he thought I was still under warranty and that he would submit the work he did.

He didn't, but I did after he told me it could cost $500 to fix the printer. I called him back and told him the printer was now in the system and indeed under waranty and I'd pick it up after Thanksgiving.


By the second week of December I was waiting on parts, by Christmas the parts were on back order and by New Year's the parts were unavailable. On the ninth, I was told that I'd be getting a new printer.

On the 16th Samsung called and asked if I still needed service on my printer. They left a number, I called back. The number went to voicemail.

I've since called that number 16 times. Voicemail.

The Samsung Problem Tracking Website said I was scheduled to have in-home service on the 9th.

On the 19th, I got an email from Samsung apologizing for not having my ticket in the system, and asking if I still need help with my printer.

The Samsung customer service guy said I had received a new printer on the 9th, was there something wrong with it?

Today Samsung told me that the repair guy called for an exchange Monday, the repair guy said he did it on the 9th.

Samsung now wants me to drive 60 miles, pick up the printer and wait another week so that they can send a guy to repair it. They want their guy to see if it really is as broken as the repair guy says it is. Then they can order the back ordered or unavailable parts, make me wait another month before they exchange my printer with a new one.

Hopefully by the time that happens I'll really be out of warranty and I can fork over the money for the repair.


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