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maddad morning


The players:




The stage is set like a modern, functional, suburban American kitchen. There is a U-shaped counter with a SINK in the apex and a TELEPHONE at the right next to the wall. There is a TABLE and two DOORS one leads to the garage, STAGE RIGHT, and one to the basement stairs STAGE LEFT. At the bottom of the stairs there is a small OFFICE. In the OFFICE there is a FOLDING TABLE used as a DESK and another TELEPHONE with a HEADSET attached.

There is an IPOD wrapped in earbuds sitting next to the TELEPHONE.

Let's set the scene:

School has a two hour delay. Everyone is discombobulated.

MADDAD has shoveled the snow, salted the driveway, made the lunches and fed the younger two boys. MADDAD has switched the laundry and started a new load. MADMOM has dropped SKIPPY off at pre-school (no delay there), finished making the weekly menu and shopping list and is on her way out the door to buy the family food.

The three oldest boys have just now boarded the bus and are on their way to school.

MADDAD has retreated to his basement office to get to work, fill out his paperwork, put on the HEADSET and now has three minutes to kill before he starts his regular Monday meeting.

MADDAD suddenly remembers He has to do something before he starts the conference call. MADDAD throws down his HEADSET and runs up the stairs two at a time to the kitchen. MADMOM is STAGE RIGHT at the door to the garage putting on her gloves.

The TELEPHONE rings.

MADDMOM: See who it is, if it's important I'll call from my cell. I'm running out the door right now.

MADDAD: OK. (helpful guy, ain't he?)

MADDAD lifts the phone from its cradle and looks at the caller ID screen. It's THE PRINCE calling from his cell phone! An emergency! MADDAD'S heart leaps to his throat. He fears the worst. Assuming there's been an accident, the bus has skidded off the road, or THE BEAST or DANGERESQUE have fallen or otherwise hurt themselves on the slippery inside of a snowy school bus, MADDAD rather breathlessly answers the phone...


THE PRINCE: Um, yeah. Dad. I'm really worried.


THE PRINCE: Yeah. Can you check the kitchen and see if my iPod is there? I'm really worried I might have dropped it.

MADMOM: Who is it?

MADDAD: The Prince!

MADMOM: (rushes in from the garage STAGE RIGHT) IS EVERYTHING OK?

THE PRINCE: Do you see it there Dad? I hope I didn't drop it. Can you check the driveway?

MADDAD: looks down, there is a rather nice IPOD (nicer than maddad's anyway, but we mustn't begrudge the Prince, he mowed a lot of lawns for that thing) sitting on the kitchen counter right next to the telephone.

MADDAD: It's right here. (to MADMOM) He thought he dropped his iPod.

: Oh for God's sake... I'm leaving now. (MADMOM exits STAGE RIGHT)

THE PRINCE: 'k thx bye. (Hangs up the phone)

: (looks at his watch, he's two minutes late starting his meeting) What did I come up here for?

MADDAD walks like a zombie down to his office, clueless, but with a troubled, nagging tickle in the back of his brain. He's forgetting SOMETHING by God...


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