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Memo to the creepy suck-ups on the TV news...


Hey dickheads,

We get it. Your guy won. That's great for you and I hope he does a great job.


I didn't vote for him and I don't agree with many, if not all, of his stated positions on the issues. Wait, maybe that's not true...I don't agree with the positions of the people who voted for him and shilled for him in public. I never did hear him personally state a position on anything other than "Hope", "Change" or "My Grandmother was a Typical White Person". Wait, I take that back, I do agree with "Let a man eat his waffle." I think that may be the greatest political pronouncement to come out of the campaign, actually. So maybe I will support your guy.

But I will bicker if I want. And you can't talk about how this man has the support of all the American people and that "they aren't going to take any of this bickering anymore". Because, let's face it, I got reason to bicker. And no amount of happy-hand bullshit is going to erase what you and your friends have done to separate the American public into two armed camps over the last eight years.

Remember the "I'm Sorry World" campaign? The "Jesusland" map? The "Not My President" bullshit?

Well, Fuck you. I'll do, say and think what I want. If I think your guy is an asshole, I'll tell you. And so will the 48 million other people who didn't vote for him.

Dissent, or so I've heard, is patriotic.


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