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Oh my...Ohoho my.....


De-rooooolllllll baby! Talk about luck.

That, to me, is a better find than this one. Why? Because.

The 245 is the perfect car. They aren't slow, even normally aspirated at 114 horses, which surprises a lot of people. They don't have a lot of leg room, but the seats, when taken care of, are really comfortable. They get between 22 and 30 mph, depending how you drive and if your overdrive is working.

I drove my 244 one hundred and ten miles every day for five years, wide open on cruise at 75. I got a consistent 25mphg. The only issue I had was the 12 gallon tank. I had to fill up every other day.

I sold that car in 2005 when it needed a new transmission and I needed a wagon, it was 18 years old and had 300k miles on it. I got 4k in trade for it and bought a 2001 V70. I just hit 100k on that one, so I have at least another five years before maddmom will let me get a new car.

At the Ryder Cup in Louisville, The Prince and I parked next to my old car, some college kid had it. They had bitched up the hubcaps and put Wal-mart replacements on it, and the interior was filthy. The front seat was twisted, so I guess they weren't doing any kind of maintenance to the car (seriously, how hard is it to tighten a 14mm bolt?), I had replaced the seat padding in 2002. But the radio I had put in was still there, and the body looked OK.

When I do have to get a new car, I'm going hunting for a clean 1993 240 classic. It's a beautifully updated version of the 240 with anti-lock brakes and airbags, they even got rid of the chrome around the back window that would catch water and cause rust.

When algore outlaws the internal combustion engine, museums around the world will go crazy looking for just two cars, the Model T and the Volvo 240 wagon. I intend to invest in a Volvo while I can and use the carbon credits paid me by the Lisbon Museum of Pre-Caliphate Restoration Technology to buy at least one of my kids into a job with the First National Federal People's Property Redistribution Service Agency and Mortgage Bank. Maybe he'll be able to secure me a bigger monthly rice quota.


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