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Snow doubt


I am one-hunnert percent burnt out. I spent two hours yesterday looking at real estate on Palau and sending resumes to recruiters in the US Virgin Islands.

Not kidding. Scary part was, maddmom was all for it. "Don't forget the Caymans." she told me, "there's lots of banks there."

So I am going to do it. I'm going ex-pat and I'm taking my kids with me.

First things first.

I go to baking school.

Open a crummy little shop here in Madison.

Sell it to some retiring sucker.

Pack up the kids, wife, dog, and Volvo.

Move to a two bedroom shack on St Croix ($250k)

Work as day labor/gigolo for a couple months.

Purchase a rolling vendor cart.

Make cheesecake and sell it to tourists while juggling and grinning manically.

Meet a rich blonde with no upper lip.

Seduce her with my cheesecake and juggling skills.


Move to NYC and open cheesecake and juggling store with rich blonde's money.

Catch her in the sack with the retired sucker who bought my store in Madison.


Move back to the USVI with the settlment.

Buy maddmom out of white slavery, collect the kids from the bushes by the airport.


Oh, I'm so golden. This is going to work great.


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