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Things I know...


More from me about me. You know you want it...

I know...

That I can't draw, saw or cut a straight line.

A soda can add 200+ calories to a meal, a regular American beer about 150.

Dinosaurs are extinct, and thank God for that, those things would eat you and everyone you care about...

Way too much about children's television/

That there are seven words that I can't spell, but I know that I've misspelled them.

It's harder to spend cash than it is to use a card...any card.

The Philadelphia Eagles will not make it to the Superbowl this year.

Whatever is healthy this year will be bad for you next year.

There are some cities I feel totally at home in and others where I feel out of place...and it has nothing to do with the size of the city.

President-elect douchebag is talking out his ass about "Green Jobs".

Buying a $35,000 car over five years to get 10 more MPH average over your existing car is stupid. Even at $4 per gallon.

If it took 12 hours to fill your gas tank, and 5 minutes to re-charge a battery, we'd all be driving electric cars.

If I don't get laid off this quarter, I think I'll be OK for the year.

Anyone who goes on TV and says they were prepared to accept risk, but not fraud, when investing with Bernie Madoff is blowing it out their ass. People didn't invest with Madoff because they were prepared to accept risk, they invested with him because they thought there was no risk.

I'll admit, it's hard for me to feel bad for those people, but I know I should, so I'll try. Next time I fuck up, and I will...be kind.

After two years of UFO programs, hypothetical disaster porn and conspiracy theory "infotainment" shows, the History Channel finally had a program on that made me say, "wait a sec...hey, he's right!"


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