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Cleaning out the camera


I have this old digital camera my brother gave me six or seven years ago. It still works great, but my wife hates it. So she gets the new Kodak, which sucks. And I get the old Sony, that seems to be indestructible. I mean, just the other day I dropped it off of the porch and it landed on the concrete walk. Must have been the hundredth time I've dropped it. Built like a tank. Plus, the battery still hold a charge. So like, I win.

We are zombie ready at the McMahonsion. Bring. It. On. This was right after I dropped the camera, it was still shaken up. I made it a cup of tea and it got less blurry.
Here's the new printer and the media server. Right now it's booting from that floppy and running GeeXbox. That's a 160 GB usb plugged in. I won't tell you how long it took me to get that damn thing to recognize that damn USB. There's two NICS, in that thing now. One to the private network, another to the wireless. I'm about one slow work day from taking it down and turning it into a proxy server/ firewall/ webserver. The problem with that is my work stuff, I need a public IP for my VPN...and I want to use that printer...and I'm too lazy to fight with corporate IT over security. Anyway, it doesn't really have the power. That's my circa 1998 Toshiba Laptop. And look, the cables are hid. My gym is about one foot to the right and I used to have the cat5 and phone cable hanging out of the drop ceiling. Good for autoerotic asphyxiation. but not much else. I came close to pulling down the ceiling a few times, so when the new printer appeared, the cables disappeared. Also, the battery on that laptop will last four hours if all you're doing is surfing the web.
Jealous much? I am. He's on the floor right outside my office watching his brother, who's sick today, play Zelda. Every few minutes he shoots his brother with that NERF dart gun in his hand. Then they yell at each other.

Check this. I'm dressed like John Cuzak, circa 1983. Topsiders and camo pants. I'm also wearing a baseball shirt and a zip-up argyl sweater. I think the longer I stay home, the more the kids fashion sense is rubbing off on me. Seriously, if I had feety pajamas I'd never take them off.
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