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Larry Kudlow stays at CNBC. Thank God, because they'd replace him with another Donny Deutsch. That would be bad, because not only does he rub me the wrong way with his naked cheerleading for Obama, which would be fine on MSNBC, he doesn't add anything to the conversation. I want market news, trading news, and prognostication from people who actually do it, you know?

Donny makes the rest of the hosts uncomfortable, they don't know what to say. Yesterday, Deutsch creamed all over himself and gushed, "We are so fortunate that we have the President that we have now." or something like that, I think it was actually worse than that, it was so bad Jeff Macke just kinda looked at him all worried like.

Look, there's no Bush love over there, these guys are looking at how the guy in office makes decisions and how those decisions effect their business, it's probably the most fair channel on TV. This Deutsch guy doesn't belong. They need more Kudlow.

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