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1500 Posts


The Beast will have his First Holy Communion this weekend, so in between conference calls and running errands, I'll be working on getting the house in shape for company. Mowing the lawn, trimming shrubs, burying the dead and dying hobos who got caught in the electric fence, mopping the floors...the usual stuff.

I started out this morning thinking I'd clean the boys bathroom, four boys can make a mess, and I hadn't been in there in a while, and HOLY MOTHER OF GOD!

Actual size

I think I'll let maddmom handle that one.

This is my 1500th post. I've been doing this since December 27, 2003 and to be honest, I'm thinking this blog looks a lot like the kid's toilet up there. I'm actually kind of burnt out on the whole thing.

Blogs like mine are pretty much over. Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and all the social networking crap nowadays are pretty much overwhelming any interest there might have been in a diary type blog. The old stereotype of the blogger on his notebook blogging about what he had for lunch has been replaced with the hipster Tweeting from his cellphone every thirty seconds. Hell, I'd did it too, half the posts on this blog are one-line updates from Little Leauge games.
But lately I can't seem to get what I want to say out in 140 characters, and if my analytics are to be believed, no one reads this mess any more, and I'm tired of talking to myself.

I know I did a lot wrong. No trackbacks, never built a blogroll, never pimped my posts in bigger blog's comment sections, and never built up an e-mail freindship with other bloggers. When I started this blog, on the advice of my "blogfather" the late Rob Smith, the blogosphere was in one of its periodic hissy fits. Kind of like it is today. Bloggers were linking up into alliances and ceremoniously de-linking each other, calling each other "racists" and "moonbats" all sorts of other shit and I wasn't into that. Maybe if I had been into it I'd have traffic, but at the time I wanted to use the blog as an email replacement and a place to vent.

Vented a lot, but I never got anyone to read the damn thing enough to use it as a "keep in touch" tool. Guess I should have joined Myspace or Facebook. But to tell you all the truth, that's too much work. The fact is, I like being semi-anonymous. I can say what I want, it won't shock anyone who knows me, and if you don't know me, you still won't when you leave. But I'm pissing upstream, everyone wants to be connected and when I think about it, I really don't.

I don't. So If I keep posting I'll do it for me and I won't give a shit if it's good. Wait. I mean, I'll give less of a shit if it's good, if that's even possible. And I think I'll turn off my analytics, because after four years of weekly emails telling me that no one reads my bullshit, I realize that I'd much rather not know. (Although now that I know who I know doesn't read here every day, I'm a little curious as to who the third person is. I know it's not Google, I adjusted for Google.)

I think I'll probably quit some day soon. I've thought about it before, but I think it may be time. I'm taking a short vacation next week anyway. Tell you what, if I post on May 4th I'm going to continue. If not? Who knows, no one gives a shit anyway.

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