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Hotel Schmotel


I got some beefs with this hotel. First, the bathroom is bigger than the sleeping area. Fine. I can deal with that. But the shower, a giant rectangle with floor to ceiling, swinging glass doors, doesn't have a handle on the inside of those doors. SO I get in yesterday, spend ten minutes trying to figure out how to turn on the damn thing, and when I'm finished I can't get out. It took me forever. I seriously thought I'd have to wait for housekeeping to come in and get me out.

When I do get out, the room is so big, the towels are twenty feet away. I have to walk a mile across the bathroom floor, in bare feet. The shower mat is about two foot square, there's no protection there. Yuck.

I just think a hotel named after someone who is famous for slutting around should provide some protection you know? A foot condom or two.

Certainly wouldn't hurt.

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