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That's me, maddad. AKA Lost My Cookies. Fresh from my webcam and reversed because I think I look better facing that way.

This is my 1505th post. It's also my last. I think. At any rate, it's the last post for a while. If I ever do post again, maybe I'll do the things that get you links and hits, like trackbacks and memes and a blog roll and maybe get into a pissing match with a blogger who actually has traffic. Maybe. Probably not.

I'm just burnt out on the whole Internet thing. It's not fun any more. People aren't funny. Everything is either regurgitated talking points or lame, obvious, "satire". Blogs, like this one, are history. Facebook broke the back of the blogs and Twitter will kill them. While paging through my archives looking for some good rants I noticed that most of my earlier posts would have fit nicely into Twitter. But I'm not going to do that any more either. I'm just done.

The big blogs with lots of traffic have been co-opted by commercial interests aligned with one or the other major political party. The smaller blogs that have been around for a while spend most of their energy link whoring those sites. Comment sections are either mindless cheerleaders or overrun with obvious trolls. It would be nice to browse a site that isn't full of either idiots or assholes. You can decide which is which. I don't give a shit.

Right now I am going to devote my time to keeping my family fed, clothed and housed. I don't have time to pamphleteer or Samizdat. I have managed to winnow my blog reading down to three daily reads, I'll still read them, but I'm not commenting. I've lost whatever small sense of humor I once had, and I no longer want to give the Gestapo a hotfoot for the fun of it. If you want to get in touch, use the email address below. I'll answer email. Later. maddad.

What the hell... Make up your own mind.

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