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It took three months...


Today I got my automated email from Google Analytics and evidently I've hit zero. No hits, runs or errors.

So I'm back in. I've decided I'm not going to overthink, spellcheck or really care what goes up here. I'm not going to play any kind of games. Now that I have no traffic, I have no pressure.

I've always liked the whole "screaming at the top of my lungs like a drunk in a public park" thing that I had going for a while. That's coming back. I'm going to say what I want. If I contradict myself, so what? If I offend you, I don't care.

I was thinking last night that it was interesting that when I had 300+ readers a day I never cared about traffic, but when that turned into 300 per month, then later into 300 per year, I tried really hard to get people to read my site,without, you know, actually trying to make it a better site. I guess that's how one of those reality TV people feel when they get kicked off the show.

Not blogging for three months was actually harder than blogging every weekday for five straight years. Funny.

Get ready, this place is going to live up to it's name.

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