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Passengers describe 'nightmare' six-hour ground delay ... again!

OK, on Friday night I was in an airplane sitting on the tarmac at Dulles from 4:30 to 9:10 pm. They brought the plane back to the gate at 9:10, took us all off and "re-routed us" without cancelling the flight. In other words, they "delayed" the flight until 9:30 am the next morning. Was I pissed? Hell yes! Did I bitch and moan? A little, mostly to myself. Did I understand why we were delayed? Yes, I did. Why was that?

I had a window seat.

There was a big motherfucking storm going on. Lots of lightning. High winds. Pretty easy to see why we were being delayed.

Now I did think that we had gotten out of there on time. There was a big thunderstorm at 3 or so and my plane didn't leave until 5, so I thought I had dodged a bullet. I was wrong. We got away from the gate on time, but ended up 10th in line for takeoff. While we were waiting, another storm came up. The pilot kept us informed, as they always do (seriously, people who say things like, "we had no idea what was going on!' are idiots. Maybe if they shut up for two seconds and listened to the announcements they'd understand.) , and when we finally went back to the gate, we all knew that we were canceled.

Some of us didn't accept that. Awwwwww. Maybe we should all have been Buddy Hollied because you are going to miss your connection. Stupid assholes.

I fly at least twice a week, sometimes up to eight segments, I have had my flight cancelled twice this year. I have sat on a runway for what I would call a loooong time ( over an hour) only twice. On the other hand, I have missed two flights due to traffic. I have had to leave two hours early in order to get to the airport on time, for a total trip time of over eight hours, innumerable times because of heavy traffic in Chicago, DC, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Minneapolis, Detroit, Houston, Dallas, Kansas City, St Louis, and Cincinnati but I've only had ground stop delays in Washington DC. I've only had Air Traffic Delays in New York, Chicago and Philadelphia. Funny, how the cities with really bad automobile traffic and really bad weather have the most airport delays. Imagine!

And to tell the truth, I'd rather be sitting on a plane for an hour than sittting in the Philadelphia terminal for four.

We don't need a passengers bill of rights, we need better, larger airports on the East Coast. Start in New York.

All a passengers bill of rights will do is to cut the number of flights that go out in a day. A day, like 95% of them, when there are no delays. Except at JFK, due to heavy air traffic.

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