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In some cultures...


Skippy is now a man

I have absolutely no problem with this


Police: Man Stabbed Son Over Clogged Toilet

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This'll be interesting.

. .former Anglican clergy who are married may serve as priests in the new ordinariates, but they may not be ordained as bishops. Seminarians for the new ordinariates must be trained alongside other Catholic seminarians, though they may have separate houses of formation.

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The Winnar!


Bulwer-Lytton Fiction Contest

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Just wondering


I've been on the road for a couple of weeks and have burned through
three current paperbacks and two recently released library books. I
call them airplane books, they're like candy. Superhero
cop/doctor/lawyer/reporter/schoolteacher with a special forces past
saves the world/destroys the evil forces/uncovers the
government/church conspiracy and gets the girl. Out of these five
books, three contain the line "there are better ways than torture to
get information out of people". But in none of these books is it ever
revealed just what those other ways are. Is it drugs? I'm pretty sure
drugs are just as illegal as torture. Do we kidnap and threaten the
suspects family? How about we just torture someone else? A volunteer?
I'm sure we could get someone off of craigslist.

But let's be serious. Either put up or shut up. What's the better
way? I know I'd sing like a fucking canary if you tortured me.

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Health-Care Industry Gets Smart to Obama's Plans - WSJ.com




The hotel I'm in has a "theme". The "theme" is "fun". So naturally,
there's ROCK 'N' ROLL music in the halls and a pretty decent bar.
Most of the people staying here are staying here because the "theme"
is "fun".

But ...

The "walls" are "thin". So I (still on Eastern time) didn't have much
"fun" as the "fun havers" wandered in at all hours of the night. And,
of course, the reveller in the room next to me missed his 5am wakeup
call not once but three times.

So about 6 local time I was showered, dressed and in the lobby
watching cartoons on the big screen. I'm a big cartoon fan. I almost
like cartoons as much as I like puppetts. But there is something
wrong with modern cartoons. Something I first noticed when I saw
Roger Rabbit the first time. Modern cartoons have decided to
incorporate realistic shadows, reflections and light. Check it out.
Modern Scooby-Doo, the Simpsons Movie, the Spongebob movie, really
anything done after Roger Rabbit. It cuts the heart out of the
cartoons and makes them look more plastic, cold and even evil.

It needs to stop.

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There's some kind of horrible alarm going off in the Indy airport. No
one else seems to notice. I'm beginning to wonder if I'm superman.

Again, I mean.

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7 o'clock saturday


Where maddad offends everyone in San Fransisco


Meh. Your city is dirty, there's a shitload of bums, the touristy places smell like pee and your roads suck. The grass is brown and the houses are ugly. On the whole, I'd rather be in Philadelphia.

Gas is over a dollar more than it is in the rest of civilization. (Yes, I mean the US and parts of Canada. The parts where you can't hear much of the accent and don't have the same self esteem issues that Toronto has.) Food is good, but I'd rather starve than eat California Pizza. Seriously, where's the quality of life?

Today on the news in SF, they were talking about how SF was the best place to live in the US and Philly and St Louis were dead last. You know? Good. Everyone who's not happy with their lot in life should move the hell over to that tax-infested rat hole.

Me, I'm staying in Kentuckiana.

PS, Seriously, San Fran. Pick up the trash. I'm from Filthydelphia and I noticed. Disappointing.

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When lightbulbs are outlawed only OUTLAWS! will be able to see.

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