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The hotel I'm in has a "theme". The "theme" is "fun". So naturally,
there's ROCK 'N' ROLL music in the halls and a pretty decent bar.
Most of the people staying here are staying here because the "theme"
is "fun".

But ...

The "walls" are "thin". So I (still on Eastern time) didn't have much
"fun" as the "fun havers" wandered in at all hours of the night. And,
of course, the reveller in the room next to me missed his 5am wakeup
call not once but three times.

So about 6 local time I was showered, dressed and in the lobby
watching cartoons on the big screen. I'm a big cartoon fan. I almost
like cartoons as much as I like puppetts. But there is something
wrong with modern cartoons. Something I first noticed when I saw
Roger Rabbit the first time. Modern cartoons have decided to
incorporate realistic shadows, reflections and light. Check it out.
Modern Scooby-Doo, the Simpsons Movie, the Spongebob movie, really
anything done after Roger Rabbit. It cuts the heart out of the
cartoons and makes them look more plastic, cold and even evil.

It needs to stop.

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