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Just wondering


I've been on the road for a couple of weeks and have burned through
three current paperbacks and two recently released library books. I
call them airplane books, they're like candy. Superhero
cop/doctor/lawyer/reporter/schoolteacher with a special forces past
saves the world/destroys the evil forces/uncovers the
government/church conspiracy and gets the girl. Out of these five
books, three contain the line "there are better ways than torture to
get information out of people". But in none of these books is it ever
revealed just what those other ways are. Is it drugs? I'm pretty sure
drugs are just as illegal as torture. Do we kidnap and threaten the
suspects family? How about we just torture someone else? A volunteer?
I'm sure we could get someone off of craigslist.

But let's be serious. Either put up or shut up. What's the better
way? I know I'd sing like a fucking canary if you tortured me.

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