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Where maddad offends everyone in San Fransisco


Meh. Your city is dirty, there's a shitload of bums, the touristy places smell like pee and your roads suck. The grass is brown and the houses are ugly. On the whole, I'd rather be in Philadelphia.

Gas is over a dollar more than it is in the rest of civilization. (Yes, I mean the US and parts of Canada. The parts where you can't hear much of the accent and don't have the same self esteem issues that Toronto has.) Food is good, but I'd rather starve than eat California Pizza. Seriously, where's the quality of life?

Today on the news in SF, they were talking about how SF was the best place to live in the US and Philly and St Louis were dead last. You know? Good. Everyone who's not happy with their lot in life should move the hell over to that tax-infested rat hole.

Me, I'm staying in Kentuckiana.

PS, Seriously, San Fran. Pick up the trash. I'm from Filthydelphia and I noticed. Disappointing.

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