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Geek time...


OK, for about five years now I have been wanting to customize my Outlook Today page.

Wow, what an opener. Here's the story.

Back when I drove a cube for a living I had put together a custom view in Lotus Notes to get me where I wanted to go without ever leaving the client. After the company I was with migrated from Domino to Exchange, I lost my dashboard. When Outlook 97 came around, I was able to edit the homepage of folders, so I could basically add links to my web-based apps by adding those folders to the Outlook Today page. Later, I was able to build my own web page and add my Inbox, Calendar and Tasks as well as all the dashboard apps I used that I could access through a web interface. It was a real nice to have as a cube monkey who rarely worked from home. When I started working where I work now I had everything local on my laptop, I didn't need to manage systems, my group had no real collaboration tool other than email, no workflow app, really nothing I would need other than a shared Calendar that I could open right next to my own. So I used the default Outlook Today, and every once in a while I would change the colors. Gradually, however, things started to get more and more complicated. WIKI's, blogs, on-line travel apps, hosted demo systems, support systems, reporting systems, time tracking systems, expense systems all started to appear and take the place of good old Excel. My Outlook today didn't keep up.

I would have to open a browser and scroll though my favorites every time I needed to access something. That sucked, so I tried an RSS reader, all of them slowed me down. So I finally bit the bullet and put together a new page for Outlook Today. YAY ME!

It sucks.

I have completely lost the ability to design a functional web page. I blame Blogger. Oh, I got a nice tile bar, the color scheme is nice and professional, I have an easy to read sidebar with links to all my on-line apps and the ones that should pop-out do, but the gadgets and widgets and Inbox, Tasks and Calendar? Horrible. Nothing's where I want them, everything's jacked up. I can't get the size right for my Inbox pane and I can't get my widgets to line up. It's like I've gone retarded.

I'm wondering if it's even worth it, at this point. I just deleted everything on the page except for my Inbox (now the default size) and Flightstats. Here it is. Blech.

Anyway, that's it for me. I got things to do today, I'll figure this out next week.

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