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So this is how it's going to be between us, blog...can't say I'm suprised.


Three posts in three days left unfinished and unclaimed in the drafts. I now have over 100 posts in my drafts folder. I think that's a record.

This was supposed to be the week I got my mojo (such as it is) back and got back in the habit of running naked down the shoulder of the information superhighway.

Alas, it's been really goddamn cold and I'm out of virtual chapstick. So, while a severely chapped taint might be fun for a weekend with the right number of like-minded friends, this week I just wasn't that into it.

I also ran out of Adderall on Tuesday and, believe it or not, I get a little distracted without maddad's little helper.

As an aside; it's really interesting to see how I do things differently when I'm off the pipe. I don't physically feel any different. What's different is how I go about my day to day work. Monday and Tuesday, normal days. I was within 10 minutes of my Outlook calendar. Took a luch, talked to my wife, even worked out (I know, amazing). Wednesday started off all right, I had to drive Skippy to school, but had a nine o'clock conference call I never picked up my prescription. Thursday was a total fucking disaster, I did finally get time to pick up my prescription and drop it off at Walgreens, but other than that, I was head down in work all day. No lunch, no working out, no blogging, everything was either a disaster or an emergency. Even though it wasn't. I really did have all sorts of time, I just used it differently. I'm sure I've said this before, sometimes when you think something's wrong with you, something may actually be wrong with you, you may just be wrong about what it is. For years I thought I was depressed. I wasn't depressed, I had ADHD. Probably all my life, but because I wasn't a troublemaker, and I managed to muddle through, I was never diagnosed. Hitting that wall was one of the best things that has ever happened to me, I wish I had recognized it while I was in school. I'd have this blog offshored in a heartbeat and maddad would actually be a team of Polish computer science graduate students living in an attic somewhere in Ireland. Of course, I may be already, as far as you know. (Not you, mom.)

Long aside, that.

Well, like I said, I had three days of posts I never finished, so what you get are links.

From today:
Lady Killers. Ger-owl.

From Yesterday:
25 Epic Double Chins. Amateurs.

And Jeff's back at his place fighting the good fight against right and left. OUTLAW!

And even though I don't normally blog about anything to do with work, you all should read up on Climategate. And just realize that the story is much, much more than a couple of leaked emails. By focusing on the email only, the AGW crowd is obscuring the most damaging evidence that the hacker brought to light. The raw data did not support the claims made by the AGW scientists, so the raw data was massaged, and in some cases made up, and when requested via FOI, deleted. On the surface, this looks like fraud. You know what, at the center it looks like fraud too. Massive, global, fraud. "Eppure diventa più freddo, motherfucker." I'll be out of pocket next week, you've got time.

Someone should make up a Material Data Safety Sheet on Co2 and print it up on a T-shirt. Now that carbon dioxide is a pollutant, that guy would make a fortune.

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