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You can't live in the world with such strong likes and dislikes.


Oh, but I can! I'm maddad.

JD Salinger died. Maybe I'll just cut and paste all the Salinger from my list of great quotes from my favorite books (or is it vice-versa). I've had it in a txt file for years now, it's proven useless.

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Vendor neutral


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Romance and comfortable shoes


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..and down. And one...and two...and hup! ...and down. And one...and two.

Oh for God's sake, you're not even trying! C'mon, move your ass! Hup! No, you cannot get a drink. Pansy. Move it! Arrgh!

Oh God...uh...oh...

I think I just peed. NO! Nope. Just get a towel, OK? What? No. Just let me....erp! Nope. Nope Nope. Hold on. Oh Jesus. Oh Mary. Oh...Kay. OKOKOKOKOKOK.

Got it. I'm up. You go finish. I'll be right back. I just need to get cleaned up. Ow. Ow. Ow. Hey! Is that thing still on?

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Hey, yeah..uh...how you doin'?


Wow, this is totally weird running into you. I was just telling someone I had to call you. I was...isn't that weird? Yeah....wow. So...you have a good holiday? New Years? Oh right..I was there. Well, you know how New Year's is...um? Oh. Friend of my sister's blog, I was giving her a ride and a quick edit. Oh I wasn't driving, I meant we were giving her a ride. My sister and I. She brought me to the party. I was still pretty under the weather...just started feeling better as a matter of fact. Yeah. Did you get that sweater for Christmas? Oooooh...well it looks new...it's very nice. Wow. Your aunt...well she has good taste, you tell her from me. yeah.........well gotta get going. New year, work and all...right...good to see you too...yeah, we'll have to do that...I will...you too...buh bye.

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