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The Irish poked their heads out this weekend, saw no shadow, and went about fixing lawn mowers and cleaning out the garden. Also, Easter. Fun times. Skippy got the stomach bug that the Beast and I got on the way home from Disney. Since maddmom was up with the Beast, I stayed up with Skippy. He puked every half hour from 3:00 AM to 3:00 PM Sunday. No candy for him yesterday. I did let him find some of the eggs though. Being sick on Easter is a tough break for a five-year-old.

So, since we are on the road to a Value-Added Tax, I'm thinking of things to stockpile.

I'm not thinking of hoarding, or the end times or anything, but I needed to buy some stuff over the weekend to fix things around the house, and I noticed prices going up. Way up. I figure I should get some of this stuff now why I can still afford it. And if I buy more than I need, maybe an opportunity may arise to, you know, make a profit. Based on my experience last year during the wind storm and the ice storm, people need things that they don't normally keep around.

Things that can be bartered or sold, useful things that may be in short supply in the near future. I'm not paranoid, but I think that some commodities are going to get more expensive, at least in the short term, and I should try and get out in front of it.

Here's my list:*

For the home:
Electrical wire and tape- 15-20-30 amp Romex .
Copper pipe and fittings.
Soldering iron - propane
Propane bottles - all sizes. Lamp, torch, grill, the soldering iron above...etc
Tarps, rope and tiedowns.
Fence wire
4'x8'x1/2" exterior grade plywood
Pressure treated 4x4 lumber
Ready Mix
Sevin Dust
Bee Killer
vegetable seeds

A Battery charger
10w-40 and 30
Impact wrench
Spark plugs
Code reader
Couple sets of jumper cables
PBlaster penetrating oil

Engine oil
Oil-Gas Mix
Chain oil
Bottled Water

Hand Tools and others
Rubber Mallet
Pole saw
Gas generator
Chain saw

* any item may be substituted for a white hood, a loogie, or poster of the president with a hitler mustache. Evidently. Because I don't like paying taxes and taking a pay cut when Federal employees get raises.. In fact this whole post proves that I'm a violent reactionary racist, so when the time comes you can just put me in a camp. For freedom.

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