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humpy-bumpy camels and chimpanzees


But you ain't gonna see no Ira Einhorn. It's Earth Day everybody. A day to remember Holly Maddux and piss on the memory of the scumbags who helped her murderer escape justice for years. I'm looking at you Arlen Specter and you too, Peter Gabriel...

And look, I like a clean environment as much as the next guy. I hate litter with a passion, I recycle (even though there are a lot of issues with recycling) and I'm all for clean water and air. But it's not a religion with me.

My family and me, we're better than the Earth. The Earth will do what we want it to do, or we'll force it. We're the top of the food chain baby. It's us, the octopuses and the ants, in that order.

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