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You know what else is "deeply unfair"?


If I don't pay my taxes I go to jail.

Geithner: Disparity in recovery 'deeply unfair'

Also this:

"People were paid for taking enormous risks. It was a crazy way to run a financial system." Geithner said, "It's the government's job ... to do a better job of restraining that kind of risk-taking."

Since when is risk bad? The bigger the risk has always led to the bigger reward. Risk is what this country is built on. The fucking Pilgrims risked their lives to come here for what? Anyone? CASH! Shekels! Moolah!

You can try and deny that, but no one comes to America to "just get by" or to relax and be taken care of by some smothering mother of a government. No one.

America is the "Land of Opportunity", folks, not the "Land of Safety". Everyone takes huge risk here. Everyone. The Arab guy with the Engineering degree who drives a gypsy cab eighteen hours a day to save enough money to bring his brother over so they can start their own cab company is taking a risk. The Dominican family sleeping in the back room of their bodega so they can keep it open 24/7 is taking a huge risk, the Mexicans who cross the border for any shit job they can get are taking a huge risk, the teacher making $60k a year who takes out an interest-only mortgage on a $400k house is taking a huge risk, especially when he uses his down payment money for granite counter tops because he thinks it'll make the dump easier to sell, the bank that gave that guy a $400k mortgage is taking a huge risk and the guy packaging and selling those mortgages is taking a huge risk, the institutional investor buying those packages is taking a huge risk, and when I put my money into my 401k and pick that fund or buy that stock I'm taking a huge risk. The guy who collects baseball cards is taking a risk.

Geithner took a risk when he didn't pay his taxes, right? Paid off, didn't it?

These shitheads that are running things now seem to think that we can breed risk taking out of the system. Well, they can try. It's been tried before. But just because you remove it from the system, doesn't mean you remove it from the human spirit. Unless....

Secretary Geithner

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