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What a day


Really busy. Really.

Work. Cooking. Skippy's last day of school. Swim meet. Band concert.

Maybe I should be a stay at home Dad.

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My new bumpersticker


My honor student got beat up by your delinquent...well OK, my honor student threw the first punch, but your delinquent called him a pussy...No, he's not a pussy because he got beat, your delinquent is two years older than my honor student but in the same class...I don't know, maybe he's good at art?...yes in class...i dunno, maybe my honor student has a temper, can't imagine where he got that...whatever they're both in stir for three days...yes, really...maybe he'll learn a lesson...the honor student stupid...yeah? so's your mom asshole...you want some of this?...ow!...hold still you fuck...OW!...sunuva...OW!

If we fix the font it might just fit.

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Sneaky? or dishonest?


They report, I decide.

Read this carefully...
Americans Seriously Concerned About Immigration, Poll Finds - NYTimes.com: "Three quarters said that, over all, illegal immigrants were a drain on the economy because they did not all pay taxes but used public services like hospitals and schools. Nearly 2 in 10 said the immigrants strengthened the economy by providing low-cost labor and buying goods and services, a chief argument among many of their advocates."

Nearly 2 in 10! Think illegals help the economy! Nearly 2 in 10!

Careful reading will show that NEARLY 8 in 10 think illegals are a drain on the economy, but since it's written the way it's written, the reader brushes it off and adds a "but" before the NEARLY 2 IN 10! that helps enforce the idea that a sizable chunk of people think illegals help the economy.

Here's why:

Three quarters, the average NYT reader thinks, is less than 2. They are right, of course, in a way, but they are also (if the commercials are to be believed) effeminate, turtleneck-wearing, arrogant, snotty, unemployed assholes in slutty librarian glasses. And if they dress like that and believe that "there's no debate" about the NYT having the best reporting in the world, they are obviously morons as well. And I'm just talking about the men. The women are worse.

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Bad neighborhood


Check it out man... I got a camera... you wanna take a pitcher of yo girl man? Ten bucks. Stolen? Sheeeeeeeeet man. My momma got me this fo' Christmas... I'm only sellin' it now because I gots to feed my babies... My thousands of babies lurking under water and waiting to rise up against the two-legged man...man.

octopus steals my video camera and swims off with it (while it's Recording) from Victor Huang on Vimeo.

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