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Lustron Home, Ready to Restore


I found this while surfing during a conference call today. I'm intrigued. Mainly because there's an original Lustron right around the corner from my home and it's really, really cool looking.

You can read about these houses here. I like that the National Trust for Historic Preservation is looking out for them. In a town where all 133 blocks of downtown are listed in the National Register of Historic Places, finding something worth preserving post-war is pretty cool. Hey, there's one in Hanover too. Coolness.

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Thank God it's 200 degrees here


Horrible Octopus can kill you dead dead DEAD! in sub zero temps. Probably when it's hot too, so make sure you have screens on your windows.

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Um..excuse me, mr douche? (BUMPED from 2010)


That's a trilby, not a fedora.

Let's review...


douche Trilby

Any questions? Good.

Now take it the fuck off in elevators and airplanes, when speaking to or in the presence of a lady, in restaurants, hotel rooms, libraries and private homes. You can wear it in the car, at the ballgame, inside the airport, train station or hotel or building lobby. Same as with a cowboy hat. In fact, there's lots the modern urban douche can learn from the wannabe wrangler set in regards to etiquette.

I would like to thank Fr. Taggart for teaching me this in 9th grade. He also taught me how to eat soup, pass the salt, pull a chair out for a lady, hold the door, say "yes and no" instead of "yeah and uh-uh" and which fork to use. As western culture slides deeper and deeper into shit, it might be useful to teach your kids manners.

You know, manners and etiquette didn't come about as a way to keep the slobs out of the nice restaurants, schools and shops. The rituals associated with good manners came about so you didn't get yourself killed. Just like today, where you don't wear a blue bandanna in blood territory, in the old days you took off your helmet when entering another knights hall. You fed your visitors first, you called people "sir" or "madam", you were fucking polite. Otherwise someone might take offense, and you might just get stabbed.

Here at the McMahonsion, I am lenient with visitors who lapse in their manners in the Great Hall. But I do teach them, because I can only be lenient for so long in front of my subjects. Or all hell might break loose.

Now take your goddamn hat off in the airplane, and in the restaurant, the stores, bars and elevators.

It's 2013 now, and this is getting worse, not better.  Seriously.  Fix this, assholes.

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It's Summertime and the livin' is easy...


The older two boys are at Scout camp this week, the younger two are at VBS, I have finished my blackberry picking, the tomatoes are coming in, the zucchini is gigantic, the father-in-law has a tree full of peaches and I, maddad, have watermelon on the vine.

That's right, watermelon. I'm so psyched. I've done cantaloupe before but they all got eaten by deer. My watermelon are inside my fence, safe and sound. I'm excited because number one, I love watermelon, and two I didn't think I'd get any. In fact, I had to pollinate them by hand. Don't worry, I was wearing sunglasses and had a fake mustache on, no one knew it was me. Maddmom insisted that they wouldn't get enough sun and that the garden was bad soil and I was wasting my time. And I may be, seeing as we are going on vacation just when these things look to be ripe, but still...watermelon...yum.

I'm going to make jam out of my blackberries, hopefully tonight. These are completely organic wild blackberries, picked by hand and fertilized with nothing but deer shit. If I use raw sugar I should be able to sell this stuff for six bucks a pint. I'm going to have lots of pints, I have six gallons of blackberries in my freezer.

Some other news... lets see... Oh yeah, I'm fat as hell, just in time for vacation. I haven't been working out and I can feel it. I've been too tired. Travelling is getting harder, I'm leaving later in the day because I don't want to miss a whole day with the family and then I'm flying home at night instead of in the afternoon so I can get as much time on site without having to stay over an extra day. Of course this isn't working, I have to leave home before dinner anyway and then I don't get home until after midnight most of the time, and while I'm only gone for two days, I end up working until all hours to fit everything in and I'm just wiped out. So my schedule will have to change. If I travel, from now on I'm doing it my way. I'm too damn old to stay up until 2am then get up and work at 6 then fly home at 3 and get up and pretend I'm not tired. Plus, I end up eating dinner at midnight, which is just bad for you.

Enough of that.

When I bought my car the odometer read 68k, but the engine had been replaced at 48k because the previous owner had tore out the bottom on a concrete parking stop. So I'm just now coming up on my 100k service and I'm thinking of doing it myself. I guess I shouldn't, but I want to.

I replaced my motor and transmission mounts, got four new tires had my rotors turned and replaced my windshield wipers. I have all new plastic trim pieces on order to replace the broken bits on the outside of the car. I was planning on getting it detailed, the scratches buffed out and the black plastic dyed back to the original black. Yesterday the windshield broke while it was sitting in the driveway. Cracked right down the middle. No one was driving it, there was a little chip in one corner and I guess the heat got to it and... bang. So much for my detailing budget. Now I'll have to wait until after my 100k service. What-ev, as the kids say.

I read a horror story on the innertubes about flushing the tranny on my year volvo, but I think I should do it. Nervous about it. But since I can't get a new car... ever... I should just keep up with the maintenance.

Or... should I just clean it up and sell it and get a 1991 Grand Wagoneer? Now that I'm old I don't really have the need for speed anymore, right? (wrong) Family trucksters don't get any cooler than Wagoneers, and I can fix those... and I don't want some bland jellybean and wagons cost a lot of money nowadays, and I could use something with a trailer hitch...

Forget it. I'm done...need to take a pill and get back to work.
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Quiz, survey, question, query


Is the Bongwater version of "Ride My See-Saw" better than the Moody Blue's original? I've been wading through my iTunes and I can't decide.

Speaking of Bongwater...that girl is angry. I thought listening to this stuff would make me nostalgic, but it's actually having the opposite effect. Thank God I'm old, run-down, broken, pathetic and passionless. Makes me better company. I think. Anyway, what do you care. You never loved me for who I am. NEVER! All I did for you... the weeks I spent naked in that shitty apartment surrounded by art freaks with sketch books and polaroids and pliers... all that money I spent on exotic dancers in that smelly Russian town... the tattoos and Prince Albert... Christmas with your fucking mother! Seriously. I'm over you. Much calmer now... and just so you know, that was an ACCIDENT! Just because you used to work there doesn't mean I lost control of my car on purpose. I paid for the window, something you'd never do. All your money went to party boys and cocaine. Oh I knew..everyone knew. No woman on earth could eat that much and not gain weight without some extra "help". Besides, your dealer beat me up in front of the library that one time...oh wait...you weren't there, I forgot... he just managed to find me by the big "pussy whipped asshole" sign stapled to my forehead... well I'm through with people like you, I never even think of you, except when it rains and I can't get out of bed because my joints are so swollen and the box of wine is still half full and....whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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I guess I will have to start eating at McDonald's?


Happy Meals here to stay. Mickey D's tells junk science to go jump.

Money quote:

'the stranger in the playground handing out candy to children' is an insult to every one of our franchisees and employees around the world," Skinner wrote. "When CSPI refers to America's children as 'an unpaid drone army," you similarly denigrate parents and families, because they are fully capable of making their own decisions. You should apologize."

Yeah baby! WHOOO! If only your food didn't do really horrible things to my GI, I would support you all with the purchase of a hamburger. Which I will gladly pay you for on Tuesday...

I am home today, which is why after two weeks I have posted, but totally unmotivated, which is why, after two weeks I have posted.

Anyway, blah, blah.

I didn't get home until almost 3am this morning because the guy who was suposed to pilot my plane went outside for a smoke and forgot to bring his ID. So they wouldn't let him go back through the fast security line, even after he had someone bring his pilot stuff to him. It took him two hours to get through security.

He should have worn loafers. That's what I do. Loafers. All you idiots that wear lace-up shoes, giant belt buckles and huge watches should learn from this. When you fly, you should dress like this:

That should be a picture of a 1960's NASA engineer. But Blogger isn't uploading pictures today. That's it. I'm done. Later.

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