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I guess I will have to start eating at McDonald's?


Happy Meals here to stay. Mickey D's tells junk science to go jump.

Money quote:

'the stranger in the playground handing out candy to children' is an insult to every one of our franchisees and employees around the world," Skinner wrote. "When CSPI refers to America's children as 'an unpaid drone army," you similarly denigrate parents and families, because they are fully capable of making their own decisions. You should apologize."

Yeah baby! WHOOO! If only your food didn't do really horrible things to my GI, I would support you all with the purchase of a hamburger. Which I will gladly pay you for on Tuesday...

I am home today, which is why after two weeks I have posted, but totally unmotivated, which is why, after two weeks I have posted.

Anyway, blah, blah.

I didn't get home until almost 3am this morning because the guy who was suposed to pilot my plane went outside for a smoke and forgot to bring his ID. So they wouldn't let him go back through the fast security line, even after he had someone bring his pilot stuff to him. It took him two hours to get through security.

He should have worn loafers. That's what I do. Loafers. All you idiots that wear lace-up shoes, giant belt buckles and huge watches should learn from this. When you fly, you should dress like this:

That should be a picture of a 1960's NASA engineer. But Blogger isn't uploading pictures today. That's it. I'm done. Later.

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