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Is the Bongwater version of "Ride My See-Saw" better than the Moody Blue's original? I've been wading through my iTunes and I can't decide.

Speaking of Bongwater...that girl is angry. I thought listening to this stuff would make me nostalgic, but it's actually having the opposite effect. Thank God I'm old, run-down, broken, pathetic and passionless. Makes me better company. I think. Anyway, what do you care. You never loved me for who I am. NEVER! All I did for you... the weeks I spent naked in that shitty apartment surrounded by art freaks with sketch books and polaroids and pliers... all that money I spent on exotic dancers in that smelly Russian town... the tattoos and Prince Albert... Christmas with your fucking mother! Seriously. I'm over you. Much calmer now... and just so you know, that was an ACCIDENT! Just because you used to work there doesn't mean I lost control of my car on purpose. I paid for the window, something you'd never do. All your money went to party boys and cocaine. Oh I knew..everyone knew. No woman on earth could eat that much and not gain weight without some extra "help". Besides, your dealer beat me up in front of the library that one time...oh wait...you weren't there, I forgot... he just managed to find me by the big "pussy whipped asshole" sign stapled to my forehead... well I'm through with people like you, I never even think of you, except when it rains and I can't get out of bed because my joints are so swollen and the box of wine is still half full and....whaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

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