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Excuse me, sir?


Is this your bag? Greeeaaaat. Can you fill out this card so we don't lose it? Thaaaaanks... Oh my, Achmed Mohammed al-Jazeera Jihad, boy, that's a long one. Family name? Great. Mine too. Alice. Yes, really. I mean who names their kid Alice anymore, right? Just my Mom and Dad. Ha! You're right, Flo would have been worse. I never thought of that...Woooow. So OK, two bags to somewhere in Europe. Did you pack them yourself? Oh I knoooooow, such a stupid question. Still, you can never be too careful Mr. Jihad, the environment out there is just so darn mean. Oh boy, these are heavy, what's in them? Lots of batteries? Mr Jihad you're making me blush...buh-bye now!

Ooops, Mr Jihad, don't forget your knife!

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Blogger VELARian said...

well funny!!!!

4:06 AM


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