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No seriously...


things are looking up for ol' maddad! what what! uh-huh uh-huh uh-huh...

The car that needed $600 worth of work is back in the shop with some kind of horrible electrical gremlin, but at least I don't have to worry about my water heater exploding or my basement filling with water from my front hose bib, or my master bath filling with sewer gas and my bathub not working. The best part? My wallet isn't as heavy now. Isn't that GREAT?

It is. And you know it is.

Of course, my basement ceiling is all ripped up again, I have holes in all my walls and my car is in the shop and not in my driveway, but hey... I got a new kitchen sink.

I also got a new Blackberry, because my old one finally went under. And it's coooool. It hooks up to my WIFI network so I can surf without pain and synchs wirelessly with iTunes and, get this, it came with a 4 gig card. Which is cool, because I took my old 2 gig card out of my old phone and now I have nothing to do with it.

Oh well. I'm busier than ever at work, but I'm not travelling which is good, because hey, I don't have a car.

On the geek front, I installed openSUSE 11.3 on a Dell 630 laptop, works like a champ. I really like this distribution a lot. After a bit, I P to V'd my XP laptop that I use for work and I'm running it on the openSUSE through VMWare Workstation 7.1 for linux. I actually ended up with openSUSE because it's a supported host OS for VMWare and even though I was able to get VMware working on Fedora, Unbuntu and Debian, every single distro had some issues with my laptop hardware, either wireless or video that ended up to be such a hassle that I bailed on each. OpenSuse installed fine, I got wireless working with standard packages and VMWare supports it. Win-win.

I'll change the desktop to Enlightenment when and if work lets up.

Started working out again, going to get my fat ass back into shape, maddmom got on Weight Watchers and dropped ten pounds over night. I got a rock. But now that she's all flaunting her metabolism at me, I figure I gotta lose some tonnage. Plus I have 104 hours of vacation that I have to take between now and March 31 or I lose it. Which means I'm going to have to take my shirt off somewhere, which means, 15 pounds. Riiiiiight.

Not blogging for several reasons. No time, no interest, and I've been writing so much crap for work I feel like I'm back in school. Seriously. When my horrible teenaged son starts bitching about his homework and how he only has two weeks to do some lab report, I want to kill him. Last week I got two RFI's "last minute" (bullshit) to complete for a product that doesn't exist yet. One of these was forty pages long, the other was closer to seventy. None of our company boilerplate fit. I had to get them done by (SURPRISE!) LAST FRIDAY! This week they both came back to me for re-writing and clarification. Because they were due to be FEDEX'd last Friday afternoon, or so I was told, so naturally I expected them returned to me for editing on fucking MONDAY!

Never mind.. Cooling off...chillin' as they say.

Phone is ringing, must go. Or maybe I just won't answer it. Can't...not...care...arrrrrrghhhhhhh!

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