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Cold and....just cold


I am not ready for fall. As I get old and decrepit I grow more and more sensitive to the chill and I want to move somewhere really fucking hot warm. Unfortunately, I can't. Because madmom would melt, so I must kill her first, and that will cause me no end of grief and, since I'm not in government or on TV, I might lose my job. She's a lucky woman.

I, on the other hand, am freezing. But employed. For now.

Fun fact. I have to drive 45 miles to pick up an $11 part for my eldest son's $1000 car. That means I will pend about the same money in gas that I will for the part. He can't go, he'll be at an all day marching band competition.

See, this is where I wish my kids were slacker burn-outs like their old man. I could have said, "Hey kid, you want your car fixed? Drive to the city and get the part." And he'd get a burn out friend and the next time I'd see him would be to pick him up from the sheriffs at the bus station. But noooooooooo. Nothing ever goes my way.

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