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Sleeeeeeep in heeeeeeeeeaaaaavvvvveeeennnnlyyyy peeeeeeeeaaaacccceeee...


My alarm went off regular time this morning. I woke up at 9:14 having slept through my kids leaving for school and my wife leaving for work. Not to mention an 8:30 conference call I had scheduled.

To be fair, I was a bit sleepy. I flew home yesterday, drove home from the airport, worked until 5:30, then played Wii boxing with three of my four boys and one of their friends until about 9. (I'm a baaaaaaad man!) I watched a bit of TV with maddmom, made the kid's lunches and the coffee and WHAMMO! 9:14 am. It's like I totally shut down.

To be fair to me, I have been having a couple of busy weeks, with a bit of stress. I was in Detroit (always stressful) and San Fransisco (don't get me started) and there's been a whole other mess of distractions to keep me up at night. But still. I don't think I ever in my life totally blanked like I did last night. Even now, after three hours of work and two-thirds of a pot of coffee, I feel like I could go back to bed and sleep for a month.

Maybe I have mono? My poor liver couldn't handle mono.

Oh and hey, my last Weight Watcher's weigh in had me at 202.5. That's 13 pounds down baby. I'm going to eat a gallon of pig fat to celebrate. I didn't work out Tues or Wed (if you don't count four hours on the Wii) so today I have to get back at it. But damn, I'm tired. And busy.

I'm wondering if I should just stay fat.

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