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I'm shocked..


I just found out that my State rep is probably, at least I heard he could be, and so far I've seen no evidence one way or the other, and I'd need some real serious proof that he wasn't, a fucking pedophile rapist. At least, that's what I've heard. I can't prove it, and since he ran away I'm guessing the sick motherfucker is guilty as sin. Otherwise, why would he not show up for work?

I'm actually shocked at how many pedophile rapists are in state government here in Indiana. Wisconsin? Absolutely, the whole state's full of them, but Indiana? Shocked I am.

And to think I shook the hand of a guy who may or may not be a pedophile rapist. I'm sure if he comes back to work he could clear all of this up. Of course, he may not come back to work, and that makes me fear the worst. It would be kinda yucky being represented in state government by a pedophile rapist, so I really hope this is just a nasty rumor.

I'm sure he'll clear this all up tomorrow when the piece of shit slacker shows up at work. After all, only Union members get paid for skipping out of work for no reason. Well, public employee union members, state representatives, and pedophile rapists. And I'm not saying they are all the same thing, although it's hard to tell just by looking. Some pedophile rapists have never worked for the government. I'm not really sure which ones, but some of them, I'm sure. Some are clowns. And not every clown is a state representative. Again, it's hard to tell which clowns are not state representatives or child rapists or for that matter not in a union. From what I understand, the public employee unions really only fuck people with jobs or cars, or houses, or kids in school, or have a recently deceased family member, and of course, they are gonna fuck your kids. That goes without saying.

Hmmm. Still sounds bad. I'll have to do my best to try and figure it out.

I'll just assume that if my state representative shows up for work tomorrow, he's not a child rapist. If he doesn't show up... well then that's something else then, isn't it?

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