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Nerd alert...


And a stupid nerd at that.

I've been using OpenSuse 11.3 and KDE4 for a while now, and about three weeks after I started I lost the taskbar for my work profile. I added an application launcher widget and I've been using that for a bit, and I've been miserable but OK. Then today I was on the phone and messing around with my desktop settings (because I am going blind) and managed to completely hose the crap out of my desktop. So I decided to just start over. I opened Opera and googled "fix KDE Desktop" and in 2 seconds I had the default desktop back, taskbar and all.

Now that just pisses me off. Months of hacking around and all I had to to was to delete the hidden .kde directory in the home folder.

Two seconds. That's it. Now I suppose you all think it's my fault for not searching for an answer right away. It may be. But I'd like to think that I'm a pretty nerdy guy, and I'd also like to think that somewhere in the approximately fourteen thousand desktop and settings and preferences menus that litter KDE4 that I would find a setting to add the taskbar back. Like "Settings-->Desktop-->Taskbar Options--->Show Fucking Taskbar. Is that too much to ask? Yes. Yes it is.

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