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Sanity? Never happen...


From the Boston Herald:grown-up talk on drinking age

Beer and wine should be 16 to purchase. Hard liquor should be 18. There should be no rule against drinking in the home. In other wods, I should be able to give my kid a glass of wine at Christmas. Thousands of years of tradition spoiled by a bunch of crybaby nannies who want to parent the world but couldn't control their own kids.

It is possible to have a beer without getting drunk, if it's illegal, that's not worth it. So kids will binge. It's economics. No underage drinker is ever going to "just have a sip" or "just have one" no matter what they tell their parents the day after puking all over the duvet and pissing on the couch. But if they are at dinner with mom and dad, if they aren't going to get thrown in jail and raped by some tweaked-out freak over an 18 pack of Bud Light, they would be a hellovalot more responsible with booze. Kids like to be all grown-up like and sophisticated, and besides, a lot of booze tastes plain awful, if they knew that going in there'd be a lot less drinking going on.

Face it Puritans, most of the people who get wasted on the weekends are well over 21, and everyone knows that you have too much time on your Carrie Nation hands to have any idea where your particular kids are.

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