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You know that commercial...


Where the Russian guy talks about opulence and how he has it, then kisses a tiny giraffe?

Switch the word "opulence" with "vagina" and the tiny giraffe for my paycheck and he could be every single man I've talked to in the past month.

Our entire fucking country is full of goddamn bleeding heart, ignorant, stupid, simple, jealous, pussies. The worst part of it, is that despite all evidence, these jackoffs think they're the smart ones.

You know who's smart? The freaking godbothering Jesus freak who bought gold in 2009 with the cash he had left over every month because he paid off his mortgage early, because Glenn Beck came to him in a dream and told him to. Not the man who "cares so much" he's got tits growing where his brains should be, a lien against his house and a wife who works more hours for more money than he does just so they can afford to put the kids in daycare.

Want to tell us how to fix the economy? Tell you what, learn how to balance a checkbook first, you moron.

Pussified Assholes.

I'll repeat myself; when someone tells you we should do something "for the children", hold on to your fucking wallet.

You aren't doing it for my goddamn children, because I'm already doing it for my goddamn children, and if I'm not, then they don't fucking need it. I don't want your kind of help and I don't want your money. Keep your fucking hands off mine.

I believe that this blog has just come full circle. Get ready you pansies, my back is up.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Okay, I just read the last few posts out loud to my Better Half, and we are cracking up. Good stuff.


9:46 PM


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