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I'm not king of mexico yet...


But when I am, this teacher gets to be Minister of Cool. I'll even let her wear my hat.

I'm thinking maybe the principal of this school should have just sent the sheriff out there to give the narcos tickets for disturbing the peace. What do you think?

One night we were in the old section of Monterrey for dinner, it looks a lot like old Santa Fe, and our waiter was extremely nervous. They had been closing this restaurant every night at eight for about a year. It was killing him financially. This was a high end restaurant in a "good" area, and there are a lot of wealthy people in Monterrey, he said used to do really well. These days, he said, its just too dangerous for people to be out on the streets, even during the day. But during the day people don't have a choice, they have to go to work, so they'll take their chances on someone wandering in for a nice lunch. After work, all bets are off.

Now, I worked in Camden, NJ, went to school in North Philly and worked in Chester, PA for years, I thought I knew dangerous. Typically "dangerous" here means, "don't do anything stupid and you'll be OK". The natives usually know what to do. When I was in school, you didn't wear your Walkman walking to the subway. In Camden, if you went out for lunch, you went in a group, you always dressed like you worked for government agency (truthfully, if you worked at all in Camden, you worked for a government agency or for an agency that worked for a government agency). In Chester you parked in the fenced lot near the lights and didn't stop for red lights if you could help it. Point being, if you had to be there, you could get tips and tricks on what to do and how to behave from the locals. Everyone knew that if you were a white guy in Camden during the day, you were working. If you were a white guy in Camden at night, you were buying drugs. Simple. There really wasn't any reason to kill a white guy in Camden.

Not so Monterrey.

I mean, there's still no reason, but if you're in the way, you're in the way. The locals there are terrified. Parking under a street light won't help if you find yourself in the middle of a firefight between some narcos and the Mexican Marines. It's a damn war zone. The narcos even have tanks. What needs to happen is a full-scale occupation, instead of the drip-drip of rotating deployments they have now. The army needs to really clamp down, a surge like in Iraq.

How do I know I'm right? Simple, the UN is against it.

Plus, you know, the whole, "we need a dictator" thing.

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