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Up against the wall ...



Granted, cheering, annoying. Also annoying, high school administrators and small town cops. Who's going out first when the revolution comes, loudmouths with a High School education? Or the asshole who made their lives a living hell for four years?

Seriously, at the end I wouldn't want to have ever been a High School teacher, Little League coach, have had anything to do with the town soccer league, shop foreman, sheriff's deputy, on the zoning board, tax assessor, video store rental clerk, used car salesman, librarian, wal-mart security guard, pharmacist, bouncer, have worked at the BMV, county clerk, town police (sorry James), or the guy with the perfect lawn who complains about the noise from passing motorcycles and cars at every town council meeting. They'll be the first ones to come down with machete poisoning, and that's just my list. Imagine if you were that old lady who tried to outlaw Trick or Treating, and the guy who gets all huffy that they serve beer at the outdoor festivals, Jesus Christ, don't these people ever think about their own safety?

Now, I'm not threatening anybody, because as long as society is still limping along, good manners are important, and I'll go along to get along. But if a goddamn High School principal sent the cops to give me a $200 ticket because I wooted after my kid's name was called? Me? An adult?

I'd probably have to be forcibly restrained from shoving that ticket up 'ol Mrs. Henderson's ass. That big, giant, sweaty, ass in the ugly fucking pantsuit that she thinks makes her look like a fucking big shot but makes her look like a midget in a lab coat balancing on a big brown beach ball.

Fuck it, I'm keying her car anyway.

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