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Are you kidding me?


Amazon's picks: "Essential Books for Young Adults"

Dear lord. We got the Holocaust, Suicide, the "Evil Catholic Church", Rape, Drug Addiction, psychotic bullying, "the Native American Angela's Ashes" and, of course, a great big gay guy. And these are the "essential" books for kids. It's pretty obvious that the people writing these books are the adult versions of the kids who spent every free minute sitting alone and hunched over the most distant lunch table, scribbling torture fantasies into the notebooks they carried around everywhere. It took them forever, but Mrs Wilson their freshman English teacher was right! They were destined to be a writer. Writing about the same shit they fantasized was happening to them in high school, and approved and published by people who think they know what goes on with "the kids today" because they read "Catcher in the Rye" once and shared a couple of bong hits with her niece and her niece's boyfriend that one weekend when her sister had to go out of town with her asshole salesman husband. This woman became a book editor because her mother loved Jackie O and she heard book editor's got laid. She doesn't know good from shit. I know this is true. You know this is true.

Every fucking book on this list is a damn stereotype of a depressed teenager's favorite book, as if it was really that hard to depress Young Adults teenagers.

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