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That's Nuts!


A $400 ticket for trucknutz? I don't know what is going on in South Carolina, but I think every official in the state needs to be put into a re-education camp.

Lesson one: You can't just fine people because you don't like their choice of automotive decoration.

Lesson two: You can't fine people because they interrupt graduation by cheering for their kid.

Lesson three is an excercise: I'm going to drive through your town twice. One time I will have a bumper sticker on my car that reads "If you can read this thank a little Chinese fellow who made it or the honor student who wrote the Union work rules that made it cost effective to have this piece of sticky paper shipped almost 7500 miles instead of making it here." The other time I will have an enormous black double ended dildo attached to the front of my car like Boss Hogg's steer horns. When is it OK for me to be stopped and ticketed?

A) When I see your out of state license plates.
B) Close to the end of the month, so I can meet my quota.
C) What kind of car and what color are you.
D) When the driver breaks a traffic law.
E) All of the above.

Now the obvious answer is E, but I am honestly hoping to get a D out of at least one law enforcement officer in South Carolina, maybe a blushing, young Enos type who hasn't realized yet that "breaking the law" means doing, saying, wearing, writing, building, thinking or being something that puts a crimp in ol' Sheriff Asshole's too tight Wranglers.

I can't wait for the end.

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