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This got nine hits last week.

I don't know if it's because the Warrant guy died, or... nope. It's gotta be the Warrant guy dying. I do need to correct the post. Where it says "Aldo Nova" you have to read "Tesla" Spelling and the rest, you can forget about me ever, and I mean ever, correcting.

Other news, I haven't had nine hits on a single post since 2008. I'm currently getting under 20 hits a week. Which is just about nothing and why I noticed that that old post got 9 hits. You know once I was actually getting almost 300 hits per day. That lasted just long enough for me to consider putting ads on this here site. Heh. Heh.........heh... *sob*

I'll freely admit that both the quality and quantity of my posting has hit pretty much rock bottom. This is bad. But still...

Nine? Thirty hits all last week? A 90% bounce rate? 24 comments in what, seven years? I don't even get spammed any more!

OK. I did quit. I admit that. I was getting shit hits back then too, but dear lord!

I think I'll do nothing but post pictures of my penis. I'll dress it in historical costumes.

My Penis
Hmmm.  Maybe that's more of a Tumblr...

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