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antsalysis pantalsysis


That's the scientific term for wanting to do something so much that you can't figure out how to get started. It's really a super pain in the ass. "Barriers to entry" is the nearest buzzword to what I mean. When you look at the target and you break down all the steps you have to complete to get there and you freeze. Most of the time the freeze is caused by a time issue. Not that there's a deadline, but the amount of time it will take to go through each step, in turn, freaks some people out. Other people see procrastination, It's not procrastination. Is it procrastination when a deer freezes in your headlights? No. It's fear. Feeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaarrrrrr. Blah. Fear of change, fear of failure, fear of missteps, fear of being poisoned (by a serial killer who puts some kind of luminous poison in your truck stop coffee when your back is turned and then texts you that he's kidnapped your family and you have to spend your last two days on earth trying to find them with the help of the spunky, young waitress who you shanghaied into driving a stolen car after the truck you think might belong to the serial killer but actually doesn't, instead it belongs to the cement company that is owned by the man with whom your wife has been having a torrid affair while you've been on the road working to keep her and the kids in the style that she's been accustomed to ever since her estranged step-father, who started the company you work for and will leave controlling interest to you when he finally passes away from ALS cut off her allowance because he thought she was a "round-heeled", over tanned, spoiled brat. ), heck, just plain nervousness. Whatever you call it, it's annoying. Mostly because when you do finally make the call and start moving things along, your "wants" conflict with everyone else's "needs" schedule. Blah. Sometimes forward movement calls for a bit of selfishness on the part of the mover. You're never going to get where you're going if you let every other car merge in front of you. The mergers won't respect you and the people behind you will get pissed off and go around you.
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